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The University of Hard Knocks - Closing Comments


The Big Business of Life Turning work Into Play

By Ralph Parlette

This book proves that the real big business is that of getting our happiness now in our work, and not tomorrow for our work.

Judge Ben B. Lindsey, the kids' Judge, says: "It is a great big boost for everybody who will read it. People ought to buy them by the gross and send them to their friends."

Dr. J. G. Crabbe, President of the State Teachers College, Greeley, Colo., says: "The Big Business of Life is a real joy to read. It is big and ought to be read today and tomorrow and forevermore every where. It is truly `A Book of Rejoicing'."

The Augsberg Teacher, a Magazine for Teachers, says: "In The Big Business of Life we have the practical philosophy that it is everyone's business to abolish work and turn this world into a playground. Who will not confess that many mortals take their work too seriously, and that to them it is a joyless, cheerless thing? To be able to find happiness, and to find it when we are bending to our duties is to possess the secret of living to the full. And happiness is to be sought within, and not among the things that lie at our feet. The book before us is wholesome and vivacious. It provokes many a smile, and beneath each one is a bit of wisdom it would do us a world of good to learn. It recalls the saying of the wise man `A merry heart doeth good like a medicine'."

Many who have read The Big Business of Life write us that they think it is even better than "The University of Hard Knocks," which, they add, is mighty hard to beat.

It's Up To You! Are You Shaking Up or Rattling Down?

Go On South! The Best is Yet to Come

The Salvation of a Sucker You Can't Get Something for Nothing

These booklets by Ralph Parlette are short stories adapted from chapters in "The University of Hard Knocks."

John C. Carroll, President of the Hyde Park State Bank of Chicago, bought 1000 copies of the booklet "It's Up to You!" and of it he says. "Parlette's Beans and Nuts is just as good as the Message to Garcia and will be handed around just us much. I have handed the book to business men, to young fellows, bond salesmen and such, to our own vice president, and they all want another copy to send to some friend. I would rather be author of it than president of the bank."

Employers in every line of business are buying quantities of "It's Up to You!" for their workers.

William Jennings Bryan says of the booklet "Go On South": "It is one of the great stories of the day."

Charles Grilk of Davenport, says: "My two children and I read the Mississippi River story together and we were thoroly delighted."

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