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WordPress and Content Management System

This is a guest post by Alan Smith

Content Management System is important part of every website that is content centric. There are many types of CMS available in the market. Some are very easy to use while some require the user to have web development knowledge. In the latter type, company needs to hire a trained professional to do the same which is not lucrative thing for long run. Today everything needs to be time saving therefore for any web business CMS that is easy to learn and use is liked by all.

WordPress CMS is very fast and responsive in working therefore people usually prefer it and like it. It is a blogging system that has gained popularity in past few years. WordPress has always laid importance on the usability factor of their software. Users can use this software for multiple purposes like blog set-up, website set-up with effective WordPress template.

For any CMS to be successful it has to be SEO friendly, otherwise itís of no use. Generally Content Management Systems build up their platform in accordance with the webmasters guidelines by search engines. But then also there are few CMS that are not search engine friendly. It can be concluded that SEO is integral part of online marketing strategy and can improve your business profits drastically if done correctly. Maximum number of website visitors comes via search engines. WordPress is one of the most search engine friendly CMS and faster also in terms of speed. Although it is a small factor, but Speed is very important part of any website and have effect on search engine rankings.

Installation and extension of a content management system should be simple and uncomplicated. Many times website owners want to add additional features to their site, for that many people use Joomla or Wordpress. The reason for their preference is that these CMS contains additional plug-ins. These can be used for extra features on your website like shopping cart, forums, etc.

Both Joomla and WordPress are considered most suitable type of CMS that consists of all basic functions and also additional features to meet up additional demands. These two software differ on certain grounds like number of plug-ins with both the CMS. WordPress gives more emphasis to simplicity mostly whereas Joomla can handle complex content also and gives you better control over the system. If your requirements are more on sophistication side than choose Joomla or otherwise WordPress is a better option for normal internet entrepreneurs and businesses.

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