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Two Types Of Virtual Business Phone Systems

This is a guest post from Marshall Davis.

A telephone system can make or break a company. Since just about every business, large or small, depends on the telephone to communicate with customers, vendors and coworkers, having a telephone system that is reliable and easy to use is crucial. However, just because your company needs an outstanding business phone system, it doesn't mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on dedicated phone hardware. The Internet lets you have a fully functioning business phone system starting at just pennies a day.

There are two types of business phone systems that use the Internet to facilitate voice communication. Also known as VOIP phone systems, these virtual phone systems range from an add-on service that utilizes your existing landline, or cellular, phone connection to a full-on virtual phone system that uses special Internet capable handsets connected to a high-speed Internet connection.

Compliment To Existing Phone System

If your business already has an existing phone system, but you are looking to add features enjoyed by the largest of companies, then an add-on virtual phone system might be right for you. As long as you have one existing phone line - which could be a cell phone, your home phone, or a business line - then you are a candidate for this type of virtual phone service.

With any virtual phone service, you get a dedicated local and/or toll-free business phone number that people call to reach your company. The add-on virtual phone system answers incoming calls with an auto-attendant, which then routes calls to the appropriate phone line.

If you use your cell phone or home phone for business, this is an ideal solution. Incoming callers have no idea they are calling your home or cell phone, as they are answered by a professional greeting. You then control what phone number the incoming calls are sent to, and the virtual phone service has a fully featured voicemail system that answers the calls when you are not available.

The beauty of a virtual phone system is that you have full control of what telephone line incoming calls are routed to. You could literally be on vacation in the Bahamas and get incoming business calls, with the caller being none the wiser. All you need is a working phone line and you can be receiving business calls.

Build a Complete Phone System From The Ground Up

If you want to build a complete business phone system from the ground up, there are virtual phone systems that let you do this. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and you are in business. You purchase Internet ready phone handsets (one handset per extension) and connect them to your Internet network. You then pick what virtual phone service plan you want and you are in business.

Most virtual phone systems include unlimited calling within the US and Canada, which can really cut down on your long distance expenses. You also receive full Internet faxing capability and a voicemail system, as well as an auto-attendant, and full control over call routing.

A virtual phone system gives your business a very inexpensive way to get powerful telephone features once only enjoyed by the largest of corporations. If your company lives and dies by the phone, doesn't it deserve the best business phone system that you can get? Fortunately, with virtual phone systems, the best is extremely affordable and within reach of even the smallest companies.

About the Author

Marshall Davis runs Talking Small Biz, a website that offers business product and service reviews that show how small businesses can use today's technology to their advantage.

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