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Are You in Alignment?

This is a guest post by Susan Russo

"For those who believe no proof is necessary. For those of you who don't believe no proof is possible. -Stuart Chase

Being in alignment with your desires and goals from the inside out will help you to achieve whatever it is you want in life. But, the problem is that most people do the opposite. They have a conscious desire to either find a relationship, get out of debt, lose weight, heal from heartache or whatever the case may be.

But their inner beliefs are what stop them from getting what they desire. For example, let's say you want to meet someone to share your life with. You've put yourself out there but yet you still come up empty handed so to speak. Well, 9 times out of 10 it's because your inner dialogue goes something like this: I really want to meet someone but I'm getting too old, no one will want someone with 3 kids, I've tried but all the good ones are taken, who am I kidding I'm a loser at love and on and on.

Or, say you want to lose weight but the only thing you've lost is time wishing you would lose it. Your inner dialogue might be: it's too hard to lose weight, I don't have time to exercise, food is my only pleasure in life, no matter what I do I know I will only gain it back, exercise is too difficult to start now, etc.

Now here's the deal, beliefs are thoughts that you tell yourself over and over again whether they are true or not. And, if you continue to believe them and internally repeat them that is exactly what you will create and exactly what you will experience.

So, even though you consciously say, I want whatever it is, internally you are not in true alignment with what you desire, therefore, that is why you are still in the same position living your life with what you don't want!

Worse yet, because most times you are more focused on the problem or lack of something you want in your life you are attracting more of what you stay focused on...ugh!

How do you get yourself in alignment with what you want? Start to focus on what you want instead of what you don't want and stop making excuses in your mind as to why you will never have it.

If you change your mind, if you change that inner dialogue and start to believe it before you see it you will begin to experience it in time. If you don't believe what I'm saying, look at what you ARE focused on (lack, debt, no love, heartache, too fat, etc.) and I bet it's exactly what you are living!

Changing that inner dialogue does take some conscious effort to flip the script but if you don't do it, start to accept your life just the way it is and learn to like it.

On the other hand, if you truly want to live a better life then start to believe you can and each time you start to walk down It-Will-Never-Happen-For-Me Lane, instead steer your mind to I-Know-I-Can-Do-This Highway and go for the ride of your life.

Make your thoughts serve you to bring about what you truly want instead of limiting you to what you already have and don't want. The Law of Attraction, as cliché as some may think, is alive and well and you are living proof of it.

Keep your mind focused on where you want to go and how you want to live, release the fear and worry that go along with lack and wanting. When you are in a state of wanting, you send that vibe out into the world and it will only bring back to you more wanting.

If you get your conscious desires and your internal thoughts in alignment, that harmonious vibration will bring about the kinds of changes in your life that you used to believe would never happen.

We all have a choice as to what we say to ourselves about any given situation, so choose your thoughts wisely for they have the power to make a difference in how you experience your life!

About The Author

Susan Russo is an author and coach who has inspired people from around the world learn the secrets of finding happiness within. Would you like to learn the secrets? Find out how to dramatically improve your life by claiming your FREE "7 Keys to Power" mini report at=> http://www.susanrusso.com

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