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How To Maintain Silence In The Work Place

This is a guest post by Christiene S. C. Villanueva.

Maintaining peace and quiet in an office room can do wonders to a busy worker. Those who often hear disruptive noise while working are more prone to stress and will find it difficult to handle the work load. Noise could also destroy your concentration on work and would tend to tear your attention away from things which you should prioritize. How often have you caught yourself escaping your cubicle to join in on a noisy conversation across the room? Busy or not, too much noise can bring dangerous effects towards your work performance.

In this case, it is important to find solutions to battle noise. Asking the noisy co-worker to steam down is effective; but this isn't applicable in all cases. Sometimes, shyness would kick in and would stop you from saying anything that might seem hurtful to a person. Fortunately, there are alternatives to maintaining a silent workplace and help you regain your concentration on work.

Below are 4 helpful tips that can improve your job performance and maintain peace and quiet at work.

1. If you have individual offices instead of cubicles, you are surely one lucky worker. Thick cotton curtains have the unique ability of absorbing sound waves. Cover your office windows with long, floor length curtains to lessen noise pollution. If you work in an office cubicle, you can ask your superiors to move you to a rarely visited section of the office or an area that is far from the walkway.

2. Purchase quality earphones which are comfortable to use. You need not connect them to a music player but while working, put them on so you can concentrate on your work. They could block about 40% of surrounding noise.

3. Train yourself to concentrate on your work alone. Mind conditioning will be tough but once you've trained yourself to block out unnecessary noise mentally, you will find it easy to control all sorts of noise everywhere you go.

4. If mind conditioning does not work for you, the most effective route would be using sound masking systems to mask noise pollution. The soothing sounds from a sound masking system can block unhelpful noise and can also erase stress caused by disruptive noise. You will definitely become a more productive worker at the end of the day.

About The Author

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