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5 Tips On How To Write Better Articles

This is a guest post by Kenji Sakamoto

There are many reasons people write articles and put them on the Internet. Ultimately the most common one is to get more traffic to their website. One important fact is the articles you write should impress your readers. In this article we will take a look at five tips you can follow to write better articles and impress your readers to the point that your traffic increases.

1. Write about things that interest you or that you are an expert at. The articles will be more believable if you are coming at it from an angle of passion or expertise.

You only have to hang out in article directories for a few minutes to tell the difference between a well-written article based on expertise or passion versus one based on keyword research. There are some very well-written articles in article directories today and there are some that are not worth the paper they were written on.

2. Keep your articles timely and based on what's going on in the marketplace. Any niche has things that are topical and therefore will be more interesting to the reader.

To become better at this you should constantly research for new article ideas. You should also keep a swipe file of ideas you can refer to quickly come up with topical articles.

3. Spend an adequate amount of time researching your articles before you write them. If your articles are informative and provide useful information people will be more likely to click on the URL in your resource box.

You can tell the difference between an article that's been thrown together versus one that is well researched. You will also find that the amount of time it takes to write an article drops when you spend a little bit of time researching before you start writing.

4. Write using words that are easy to understand. We've all read articles by people who are using big words to try and impress the readers. Generally these words do not make any sense or don't flow with the article.

One rule of thumb is to write like you talk. If you do this the article will be easier to understand and more appreciated by your audience.

5. Write numbered list articles so readers can scan them. Most people do not read an article word for word.

They tend to skip to the highlights so you might as will give those to them. Numbered list articles make it easy for the reader to read what each paragraph is about and then the read it more in depth if they want to.

Follow these five tips on how to write better articles and you will see the results for your articles improve!

About The Author

Kenji Sakamoto is the owner of Article Directory Online one of the most visited online article directories on the internet. If you are looking for a high traffic article directory to publish your own articles, or content for your own website or newsletter visit it today.

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