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How to Start Your Own Business

This is a guest post by Catherine Trebble.

As someone who spent only a few years of my adult life working for other people, most of my life I've been self employed. I can tell you that at this stage I cannot even imagine being anything but working for myself. Not only am I my own boss and get to set my own hours, being self employed has afforded me the opportunity to always be here for my children-my number one priority in life.

With that said, I can tell you firsthand that starting your own business and being self employed can be very hard work-especially when first starting out. You need to get your head around the fact that there will be many lessons to be learned and many adjustments that one has to make along the way-both to your business and yourself.

Through my experience of starting my own businesses and being self employed over the years, I can tell you that it is very different than working for someone else and it takes much more than just simple desire to be successful.

When you work for someone else, you usually have a boss of some sort, a specific set of responsibilities and you are accountable to others. But when you are self-employed, you are the boss and you are responsible for just about every factor of your business. Many times, especially when first starting out, you will not only be the boss, but you will also be the book-keeper, project manager, clerical staff, supplies or purchasing officer, as well as whatever job title you have for the job or service you actually provide.

When you are self-employed, there is no one to report to other than yourself. Yes, there are clients that you have some level of responsibility and accountability to, but when it comes to whether they are happy or not happy with your services, you are the only one involved in that process. There is no boss to write you up if you do poorly and there is no boss to give you a pat on the back when you do a great job. It's just you being accountable for you.

There have been various studies on the personality traits of entrepreneurs. Some will tell you that it takes a type A personality to be successfully self-employed. Others disagree and say that it just takes certain traits and not one specific type of personality. Through my own experience, I'm not so sure that it takes a type A personality to start your own business or be successfully self employed, as I wouldn't consider I have a type A personality, yet I have been successfully self employed for over 10 years. However, I do agree that it takes certain personality traits to start and run your own business.

Being self-employed also means learning how to handle the various aspects of running a business, like finances and marketing. Mostly you'll find yourself learning these things along the way. For example, if you are somewhat on the shy side, it may very well be self employment that brings you out of your shell, mainly because you will learn that in order to achieve your dream of running a successful business of your own, you have to be assertive and put yourself out there. If you don't consider yourself a numbers person, taking the time to learn how to account for your income and expenses will help you to grow in that area.

The upside to being self-employed can be brilliant, but be honest with yourself and research this topic thoroughly before you embark on this career choice.

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