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Five Steps towards building your Home-Based Business

1. Start with a plan in mind.

Create a simple, informal business plan that addresses the major areas of your new enterprise -- marketing, cash flow, legal structure, etc.

2. Claim your space.

If possible, set up an area in your home thatís devoted exclusively to your business.

Have all the office supplies and equipment you will need easily and readily available.

3. Establish a professional presence right from the start.

Get business cards and letterhead printed.

Have a separate phone line and set up a voice-mail system to handle missed calls.

Have a place to consult with clients if you invite them into your home.

4. Set the ground rules for family and friends.

Let them know your business hours. Explain that you can not be disturbed during that time.

5. Develop a contact network.

Do not become isolated. Join local business groups and the chamber of commerce to promote your business and meet other business owners.

I hope you find these tips useful -- Brad

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