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Put a Mentor to Work for You

Before you seek out a mentor, think about why you are seeking advice.

Start by establishing the goals you expect to achieve by talking to your mentor. Pick the top 3 to 5 challenges or opportunities that your business faces. Prioritize them in order, from the greatest impact to the least impact on your business success.

Next, make time to meet with a business mentor.

It is not always easy to find time you need to meet with your mentor while running your own business. However, in order to get help, you need to commit a portion of your time and energy to meet with your mentor. You will be glad you did and you should feel excited and energized after you meet with him or her.

Finding the right mentor for you.

Look for someone who has accomplished goals that may be similar to your own goals. Your mentor should be someone who can provide the time and energy to help you achieve your objectives. Peers can often make terrific mentors too.

Build your success team.

Be sure to seek guidance from multiple sources. Make sure you talk to the right people who can help you with your success strategies. In every stage of your business development, you manage multiple tasks and issues -- multiple viewpoints from your mentors will help guide you forward.

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