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Assignment of Lease


________________________________ and ______________________
__________________________, Lessees of that certain lease
dated_____________________, by and between ________________
Lessor and ______________________,Lessee, and pertaining to
that certain_______________________________________________
do hereby assign their right, title and interest in and to
said lease to _____________, whose address shall henceforth
be __________________________. It is agreed and understood
that this assignment is contingent upon satisfactory
compliance with the terms and provisions of the lease.

__________________________ _______________________
__________________________ _______________________


We,____________________, hereby accept the above assignment
and subject ourselves to all the promises and covenants
therein contained. We fully understand that this
assignment is contingent upon the making of timely payments
on the lease and complying with all the terms and
provisions of the lease.

__________________________ _______________________
__________________________ _______________________


____________________________, landlord and lessor under the
above lease hereby consents to the assignment of said lease
from ______________________to _____________________________.

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