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Sample Business Letters (401-500)

Sample Business Letters (401-500)

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Sample Business Letters are listed in Alphabetical Order

401. Promotional Letter, Finance Company
402. Promotional Letter, Furrier
403. Promotional Letter, Health Spa
404. Promotional Letter, Insurance
405. Promotional Letter, Interior Design
406. Promotional Letter, Medical Lab
407. Promotional Letter, Moving Company
408. Promotional Letter, Music School
409. Promotional Letter, Office Space
410. Promotional Letter, Oriental Rugs
411. Promotional Letter, Printer, Xmas Cards
412. Promotional Letter, Private Investigations
413. Promotional Letter, Public Relations
414. Promotional Letter, School Programs and Services
415. Promotional Letter, Service Business
416. Purchase Order Issued on Acceptance of Delivery Date Estimate
417. Purchase Order Letter With Terms
418. Recommendation Against Repair
419. Recommendation Regarding Repaired Product
420. Record of Purchase Form, Warranty Registration
421. Referral of Account to Collection Agency
422. Refund for Carefully-Packaged Returned Merchandise
423. Refund of Duplicate Payment
424. Refusal of Employee Request for Early Raise
425. Refusal of Offer of Employment
426. Refusal of Request for Letter of Recommendation
427. Refusal to Accept Late Return of Merchandise
428. Refusal to Extend Time on Payment of Invoice
429. Release (General)
430. Release (Liability)
431. Reminder to Employee to Renew Drivers License
432. Repair Estimate
433. Reply and New Customer Welcome
434. Reply and Referral to Distributor
435. Reply Apology and Notice of Shipment in Replacement
436. Reply Canceling Unfilled Order
437. Reply Notice of Reshipment
438. Reply Notice of Shipment Being Traced
439. Reply to Inquiry About Discontinued Model
440. Reply to Inquiry and Inability to Offer Substitute
441. Reply to Notice of Item Missing from Carton
442. Reply to Request about Credit Rejection
443. Reprimand
444. Request for Account Verification During Audit
445. Request for Additional Information Not in Brochure
446. Request for Advertising Rate Information
447. Request for Advice
448. Request for Attendance at Meeting
449. Request for Authorization to Substitute
450. Request for Character Reference
451. Request for Clarification on Applying Payment
452. Request for Contractor References
453. Request for Credit and Pickup of Merchandise Delivered Late
454. Request for Credit Application
455. Request for Credit Info on New Account
456. Request for Credit Information
457. Request for Disclosure of Credit History and Inquiries
458. Request for Disclosure on Consumer Credit Investigation
459. Request for Documentation of Invoice
460. Request for Employment Interview
461. Request for Employment Reference
462. Request for Estimate of Appraisal Costs
463. Request for Extension of Time on Promissory Note
464. Request for Full Refund
465. Request for Information from Credit Reporting Agency
466. Request for Information in Advance of Purchase Order
467. Request for Information on Credit Denial (Not Agency)
468. Request for Information on Credit Hold
469. Request for Information on Invoice
470. Request for Information on Purchase Order
471. Request for Instructions on Deferred Collections
472. Request for Instructions on Parts-Only Warranty Repair
473. Request for Instructions on Return of Wrong Merchandise
474. Request for Item Missing from Carton
475. Request for Leave of Absence
476. Request for Listing of Employees to Be Tested
477. Request for Name Change on Charge Card
478. Request for New Employee Insurance Coverage
479. Request for Parts Missing from Carton
480. Request for Payment of Unearned Discounts
481. Request for Payment, Credit Line Exceeded
482. Request for Pickup of Repaired Merchandise
483. Request for Price Quote
484. Request for Proof of Merchandise Return
485. Request for Refund of Duplicate Payment
486. Request for Refund on Undelivered Merchandise
487. Request for Repair of Enclosed Merchandise
488. Request for Replacement of Check on Pending Order
489. Request for Replacement of Damaged Merchandise
490. Request for Return Authorization
491. Request for Transfer of Insurance to New Location
492. Request for Verification of Deposit
493. Request for Verification of Receivable During Audit
494. Request for Warranty Repair
495. Request for Wholesale Price List
496. Request to Bank for Extension of Time
497. Request to Contact Credit Manager on Past Due Account
498. Request to Include Landlord in Tenant's Liability Insurance
499. Request to Locate Former Employee
500. Resignation

Disclaimer: Be aware that some of these sample letters have legal, financial, or other implications. If you are not sure about the use of any letter, consult with an appropriate professional first.  

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Be aware that some of these sample letters have legal, financial, or other implications. If you are not sure about the use of any letter, consult with an appropriate professional first.

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