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How the Secret Art of Indifference Creates a Successful Entrepreneur

by Rasheed Ali

Copyright 2006 Rasheed Ali

Did you know that business and the entrepreneur don’t mix?

Seems counterintuitive but if you REALLY stop to think about it you’ll soon see what I mean.

You see, as entrepreneurs we all have high hopes and dreams but of course we call them GOALS!

We all are all want to change the world in some way, but we call it a focused vision.

We all want to be rich and famous but we say, that we’re doing it for the pride and fulfillment of accomplishment.

Now that all sounds pretty cute and even funny but here’s where the problems begin.

In our day to day business affairs, we are sometimes faced with rather difficult decisions. Decisions that may alter the course of our company’s future!

They can sometimes be in the form of an employee or a competitor or even a client.

Emotionally we want to scream, shout and jump up and down! The sad thing is that for many entrepreneurs that’s just what they do. BUT, for a chosen few the successful entrepreneurs, they choose a different method.

That method is the Art of Indifference!

Like the samurais of ancient Japan, the emperors of ancient China and the generals of wars past and present; the Art of Indifference is one of the successful entrepreneur’s most DEADLY weapons!

Picture this…you’re faced with a constant bombardment of issues like, a key sales person unjustifiably wants more money, a client that thinks they’re being overcharged, a potential lawsuit is hovering overhead, your marketing department is attracting garbage leads, and you’re on the brink of closing the biggest sale to date.

Hopefully, you’re at a place in your business where you can have someone else deal with this. Unfortunately, whether you’re running a $100 million business or a $2 million business or even less, we’re all faced with some type of dilemma similar to this.

Ordinary entrepreneurs would have a nervous breakdown by this time but not a successful entrepreneur.

With a look and manner as sharp as a katana, the successful entrepreneur would quickly cut each of these issues down to size with the warrior-like indifference of the ancients and do it with ruthless-efficiency!

Now if you’re thinking that this method is rather cold, you’re absolutely RIGHT!

Think about it this way…if you’re faced or rather forced to make these decisions instantly, then you‘d better be prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions just as fast.

Why, well potentially, someone’s getting fired or shown where the door is, someone’s going to be asked to review their contract, someone’s getting sued but litigation is just another form of doing business, your marketing department is going to be getting some serious constructive criticism (you know how they always know everything), and you’re still going to have the laser targeted focus to close that deal and get your money!

The Art of Indifference doesn’t teach you to play favorites and waste time and energy on useless and trivial arguments.

The key to indifference is this:
• Be emotionless in the presence of your adversaries.
• Know that no one is in the business of being your best friend.
• Show no weakness to your problem clients and make them think that you’re all about keeping them happy.
• Prepare to do battle in court and don’t take it personal.
• Treat your employees fairly and pay them well but remember, they too are not your friends because for the right price they will be your competitor’s employee as well! Never let them see you in a state of panic or distress.
• Stay focused on your big goal and do whatever it takes to get there. There will always be issues to deal with but there won’t always be big deals to be closed!
• Don’t be afraid to crack a smile once in a while, let them know you’re human too.
• Your customers should know you care about them but NEVER show them any sign of weakness.

What we’ve just listed above will help you demand the status and respect you deserve as a successful entrepreneur. Keep in mind that Indifference should never over-power your enthusiasm for your business. Enthusiasm and Indifference can and do work together.

About the Author

** Rasheed Ali is the world’s #1 business improvement coach and is known as the world’s 1st Solution Coach™. He has helped thousands of people improve not only their businesses but most of all their bottom line! He is founder of http://www.SolutionCoach.com a unique new resource that will help you transform your business, become more profitable and make your competition irrelevant! **

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