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You Can Have Graphics And Good SEO!

by Robert Loyst

You Can Have Graphics And Good SEO!

As webmasters and online internet marketers, we sometimes loose sight of what the real goal in marketing is – to sell products/services. It often happens that we end up writing most of our content to please the search engines. Let me tell you, search engines do not buy shoes! Where am I going with this?

Simple, let us talk about using more graphics on your site!

Graphics placed in webpage’s are frowned upon because search engine spiders cannot “read” graphics, therefore the thought being – graphics have no SEO value. To an extent that can be true but there are several ways in which a graphic can be represented with good keywords and keyword phrases. In addition, there are several techniques that can be utilized that will somewhat offset the negative effects of having graphics on your website.

1. Make sure to provide alternate text representations for every single graphic on your website including horizontal lines, bullets and background images. You can do this by manipulating the ALT tags. Make sure you use short descriptions for the graphics on your webpage. Many people abuse ALT tags and actually “stuff” 10 – 20 keywords and keyword phrases behind graphics. This is not only bad SEO technique, but it may get your website banned when it comes time to submit it to the search engines!

2. You can insert a small 8pt or so keyword rich description just below your main graphics. For example, if you have a picture of an ebook on your website, you can put a small sentence below the picture saying “Website Marketing Bible – Get Years of Internet Marketing Experience in One Ebook!” As you can see you get the keywords; Website, Marketing x2 and Internet.

To “offset” the negative effects a graphic can have you should implement some of the following techniques:

1. Many copywriters think that they must have all of their keywords written in the copy to be effective and end up with a full page of text. Remember people like a sense of things being “real”, they like to be part of something. That is the benefit of graphics. I often think of graphics to have the same effect of having an office with a window. It gives you a “break” from work. Well, graphics give the customer a “break” from the text.

What you can do is break up your copy and insert keywords in other areas of your website. This will please the search engines as well as give your readers a “break” from seeing a full page of text.

For example, you can delete maybe a whole paragraph of “filler” and just add the keywords from that paragraph to a sub-heading below the main heading of your page. You may want to move some of your keywords to table headers or page footers. Either way the search engine will find your keywords.

2. Add keywords to regular phrases! This is my favorite. Adding your keywords to regular phrases that may be table headers, footers, categories, departments etc can add up to huge keyword targeting. Here are two examples:

Instead of saying “Sign up for our newsletter”, you can say; Sign up for our affiliate-marketing newsletter.”

Instead of having the table header for your navigation say “Navigation”, you can change it to say “Marketing Navigation.”

As webmasters and online internet marketers, we sometimes loose sight of what the real goal in marketing is – to sell products and services.

We must remember that we are here to provide the best products and the best services to the best customers. Let us not drown them in sheets and sheets of text. Break up your text with images and give them a break!

A happy browser may become a happy customer!

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