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How To Find People Who Are Already Interested In...

by David Pineda

Copyright 2005 David Pineda

Many people in the home based business industry do not know how to promote or market their business properly. The first thing you need to learn, in order to improve your batting average in the home business, network marketing, or internet marketing, is to how identify your target market.

This is very important. Many network marketers spend themselves out of business buying expensive, and unresponsive leads from the leads companies. They buy a bulk of 5,000 or 10,000 of them only to get a few responses or zero!

Then you're confused and feel your leads company may be pulling your leg with these leads or not. You think to yourself, "why in the world I can't even recruit a single soul! With these many leads I should have a group of at least 500 people!" Well, many things happen between sending emails and cold calling leads. Many emails are bad, many get spam filtered, others go straight into the trash can, and the ones that get opened are easily dismissed as junk email. You know the routine.

Okay, so you may have to work on writing killer ads to improve your email responses, but what about all the cold calls you made and everyone of them said no? I'ts been two months, and you still have not seen the "fruit of your labors."

What could you be doing wrong? This network marketing business is not working at all, and every body is ignoring it, are you the only sucker for this? You may ask yourself. But your upline sponsor is making thousands, why not you?

Let me ask you this; can you sell a hair piece to a man who has a nice set of hair? Can you sell a steak to a vegeterian? How about diet pills to a thin person? No! That's because a man with a nice set of hair does not need a hair piece, neither the vegeterian a steak, not the thin person diet pills! You would have a much better chance to sell a hair piece to a bald man, a steak to a meat eater, and diet pills to an overweight person. That is more targeted, don't you think?

In general, you point out to your targeted market that you have what they are looking for. All you are doing is letting them know that the product they are looking for is available for their benefit.

For instance, network marketers are "opportunity buyers," that means they understand the concept of network marketing, or mlm, and the way it works. What if you try to sell or pitch your opportunity on your family, friends, neighbors? Will they buy? Most likely not. Why? Because they are not the right target market, if you want to sell a business opportunity, you have to sell it to network marketers, how you do that is a different subject. But, they are the "opportunity buyers" not your family, friends, or neighbors. If you do that, then you are mis-targeting your market! However, that doesn't mean you can't talk to your family, friends, or neighbors about your business. Do so, but only when the opportunity arises. Your mains focus is network marketers if you are promoting a business opportunity. This way, you are under no pressure to recruit the wrong people, who may just drop out after a few months anyway because they don't know anything about network marketing. This applies to any product or service you are selling. If you sell health and nutrition products then you know you should market to health conscious people, or people who are already spending money on health products. So now you know who is the right target market for your product.

Now you need to make sales, or recruit people. When learning about your products distinguish clearly between a feature and a benefit. Features are nice things, but people are interested in benefits and how the product is going to solve their problems. So you know how to target your market and now you have to to find them. Well, Do research on the internet, public libraries, hospitals. You can find your target market anywhere.

The most important thing is to know who your target market is and then take it from there. So aim your arrow, shoot it, and hit the target's bullseye. Aim your product or service to the right target market, advertise it, and make a sale or sponsor a new team member.

Remember, aim, shoot, and hit the target.

About the Author

David Pineda is an active Magnetic Sponsor and Turn Words Into Traffic affiliate. To request a free 10 day magnetic sponsoring training course go to
http://www.davidhpineda.ws or
email: networkmagnetism@sbcglobal.net

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