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The 7 key elements webmasters don't know about creating an outrageous profitable mini-site.

by Emmanuel Segui

Copyright 2005 Emmanuel Segui

Let's be clear. You don't need to be a webmaster to create a money-making website. You don't even need to know how to do programming. However, you MUST be aware of these seven basic and essential elements to setting up an outrageously profitable mini-site that will create a nice stream of passive income for life.

1. Graphics

Your mini-site need graphics. But don't be caught up putting too many pictures and graphics. The key to creating a profitable website is to put yourself in the customer’s place. So be careful, you don't want your website to take more than 30 seconds to load. Having two or three graphics is enough. One header graphic, one representing the cover of your product if this is an info-product and you can add your picture as an introduction to your website.

2. Colours

One of the major mistake of beginners or so-called webmasters is that they want to impress people by putting a lot of colours or flashy banners in JavaScript. By doing this, you distract the potential customers that come to your site. You don't allow them to stay focused on your message, that is to sell or to subscribe to your newsletter. On the other hand, you should have two or three main colours. One for the background, one for the headlines and sub-headlines and one to underline important words or expressions. For example, yellow is often used to underline what you want to stress in your sales message.

3. Tables

When you market your product, you will need to gather testimonials and put them on your website. You select the best ones and you put them into what is called a table. A table is like a square box on your website that will contain your testimonials. You can even set up a light background colour for this table. This technique is used to direct the attention of the potential customer to a success story about your product.

4. Links

Links are words or expressions underlined in blue, in general and that are click-able. The two important kinds of links are internal links and external links. An internal link will redirect the potential customer to another page of your site, for example an "About Me" page. An external link will redirect him or her to another site, for example the site that will accept the payment. A mini-site will generally have one to four links: on or two order links throughout the sales message and an "About Me" page.

5. Headlines

The sales message of your mini-site will introduce your product. You do this by using headlines and sub-headlines. These headlines are attention-grabbers which entice your potential customers to go down further. You can have one big headline stressing benefits at the very beginning of your mini-site and sub-headlines under or throughout the website.

6. Accepting payments

Of course, your outrageous profitable website will need to accept payments and especially credits cards. If you sell an info-product you can't beat ClickBank for processing credit cards. For all products, you can easily use PayPal.com, global leader in online payments. Both companies use the world's most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe and real-time payment solution. You can set up two kinds of links to process online payments with ClickBank.com and PayPal.com

7. Subscription Box

The money is in the list of subscribers to your newsletter or mini-lesson. The bigger the list, the more chance you will have to close sales. Your list is your biggest asset because it represents the people who know you, your offers and who trust you. To build a list, you will need to set up a subscription box to allow people to request information from you. In exchange, you receive their name and email and put them into a database for future follow ups.

Creating a profitable mini-site is not only for webmasters. You can easily and painlessly create your own profitable mini-site by applying some simple principles. Be sure to include these seven basic and essential elements to set up your next money-making mini-site that will create a nice stream of passive income for life.

About the Author

It is your time to easily and painlessly create your own money-making mini-site.
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