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15 Secrets of Great interviewing

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Interviewing is the most important part of selecting the right candidate to work for you.

Here are some quick tips on how to interview successfully this week......

Interview tip 1 - Don't be like most interviewers!

Prepare well in advance for the interview.

Go over the all the employees' CV's and try not to be like most interviewers who make up their minds about a candidate in the first 4 to 5 minutes ---- and then spend the rest of the interview asking questions merely to confirm their initial assessment.

Try to keep an open mind. Remember most interviewees are very nervous at the beginning of the interview.

Interview tip 2

Dress professionally on the day of the interview. Your conduct will reflect on your company, and will leave an impression in the mind of the interviewee.

Interview tip 3

If the interviewee has some disability such as hearing problems or the use of a wheelchair, prepare appropriate accommodation before the interview.

Interview tip 4

At the start of the interview, introduce yourself to the candidate in a friendly manner. Make her feel at ease from the very start of the interview. And try to be aware of what is called the 'Primacy-regency effect'.

This is where most interviewers remember, what happens at the beginning and the end of the interview, but tend to forget what happens in the middle. Is that you?

Interview tip 5

Be fully informed about the needs of your company and the job responsibilities the person occupying that position will have. This way you will know what to look for when you are interviewing applicants.

Interview tip 6

Pay close attention to the interviewee's body language. Does he appear confident? Does he make good eye contact during the interview?

Interview tip 7

Listen carefully and attentively to what the interviewee is saying. Your listening skills can help you detect things you may otherwise miss. Does the candidate really believe what he is saying?

Interview tip 8

Are you aware of what career psychologists call the 'Halo Effect' - and how it might affect your judgment?

If the candidate before the candidate you are interviewing was very good -- or very bad, this can radically influence your rating and perception of the candidate you are presently interviewing. This is the 'halo effect'.

It's like having to give a speech in a wedding - just AFTER the best speaker in the room has spoken. Your speech may be very good but people will subconsciously judge it against what they have just heard. As an interviewer try to beware of this.

Interview tip 9

Tell the interviewee what she can expect from the job. Let her know what your company does and what her job responsibilities may be. Does she seem fazed or excited by this responsibility?

Interview tip 10

Find out about the candidate's goals or aims in life to make sure they are compatible with the goals of your company. This can also tell you whether the candidate will feel fulfilled and happy at his work environment.

Interview tip 11

Ask open-ended, behavioral-based questions to get the candidate talking and reveal his or her true character.

Extensive research supports behavioral interviewing questions (i.e. using past performance as a reliable indicator of future performance) as the most effective interviewing technique available to evaluate suitable applicants - so use plenty of them. ( If you want to hire the right person you MUST ask these questions)

Interview tip 12

Make sure the interviewee has all the necessary technical skills required. If something is not clear from his resume this is your only chance to get it clarified.

Interview tip 13

Always ask about previous work experience. This can often be an excellent indicator of the applicant's future job performance. Also it can let you know if the employee has the skills that you need.

Interview tip 14

Avoid making snap judgments on the candidate. Have an open mind throughout the interview.

Interview tip 15

Be aware of illegal questions. This way you will be less likely to discriminate on the basis of such factors as age, etc.

Susan O'Neill, Chief Interview Advisor

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