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Peaches and Cream

by Bob Osgoodby.

Many people who live in a colder climate go south during the winter, and are often referred to as "Snow Birds". Others move there permanently after retirement, and some find it's not all "peaches and cream". Their retirement income may not enough to live the life style they wish, so they look about for other ways to generate additional earnings.

Many are attracted to the Internet, and some do very well while others do not. Those that do not may get quickly disenchanted and write the Internet off as just a lot of hype, where you can't earn anything. That's like getting a flat tire in your car, and swearing that the automobile has no future.

Anyone going into business on the Internet, must do several things if they hope to achieve success. Probably the first thing is to recognize and avoid the "get rich quick" schemes, that promise great earnings in a short period of time, with little if any effort on you unfortunately a lot of people bite.

Believing the hype of some affiliate deals, they join a few and quickly find that they don't have to install a bigger mailbox to hold all the payments they thought they would get. Many of these programs require that you pay a monthly fee to be involved, and the founders are the only ones making money. If someone tells you that you don't have to work, forget about it. Like any other business, if you don't put forth any effort, your chances of success are slim to none.

Even if you do all the right things, like your car, you may get a flat tire along the way. That is not the time to quit. You may experience several failures before finding the right one.

Before "jumping in with both feet" however, examine some of the offers being made on the Internet. The very best way to do this is to subscribe to some online publications and review the ads. Paid ads that appear on a regular basis are a good sign of potentially good opportunities. If the advertisers were not making any money, they wouldn't be spending their hard earned money for them.

While free advertising has its place, it cannot be the only method you use. The old saying "that you have to spend a buck to make a buck" is equally true on the Internet. Consider placing your ad in the ezines or newsletters that have a high repeat rate with their advertisers.

Your ad headline and copy are critical to your success. Don't use the copy supplied by the affiliate program, as many people use them, and those ads get tired very quickly. If necessary, get some professional help in writing your ad. A good ad will pull - a bad or tired ad won't.

Target your ads toward those you think will become a prospect. Millions of ads sent out as unsolicited email (spam) will do little if any good. A well constructed ad in an ezine, targeted to the proper audience, even if they only have a few thousand subscribers, will out pull the spam.

Something as simplistic as being a Amazon.com affiliate can generate income. If you are an expert in your field, and get recognized as one, an affiliate program with Amazon might be the way to go. You may not become wealthy overnight, but as your exposure grows, so will your income.

If you don't have your own web site, forget about it. That's like a merchant without a store trying to do business out of the back of their car. The cost of web space is so low today, that you can't afford not to have one.

If you are a "Snow Bird" or simply someone wishing to supplement their income, you can achieve success on the web. But it does take work and some common sense. If you don't, it just may be your business that "went south", and all is not 'peaches and cream'.

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