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Start The New Year With A Fresh Perspective

By Eva Browne-Paterson - www.evieb.com

It's that time of the year when many people make New Year's resolutions. Did you make any yourself? You might or might not have...

If you did, just think back to this time last year and remember if you made any resolutions. Did you keep those resolutions?

If you did keep them. Congratulations! If you didn't... never mind -- it's a fact that many people don't keep their New year's resolutions.

Why is that?

Was the resolution too hard, too big, even unrealistic perhaps? Who knows?

All I know is that sometimes there are too many other things cluttering up our heads and we need to 'clear the desk' so to speak. This will enable us to start the year with a fresh perspective and have more chances of success in 2005.

Following are some tips that you can put into practise to start the year off in the right frame of mind.

Archive Email

The archiving process makes your email data smaller in size and runs quicker. Most email programs have an archive function where you can select any email from say 3 months ago back and archive it. Once that is done, you can always open the archive file to look back at old email if necessary.

Check Subscriptions

If you have any subscriptions running through PayPal, StormPay or another payment processor, just check them out and make sure you are still making money with that program - that they are self-liquidating. If they aren't, then decide whether to cancel your subscription or to keep with the program and plan an advertising campaign. It's always a nice feeling to know you are saving yourself money when you cancel a subscription that just isn't working out as you had hoped.

Backup Files

Although you should be backing up your files at regular intervals, we don't always do that. Especially around Christmas time. Now is the time to burn last year's files to CD or DVD and just keep the medium in your computer so you can access it when necessary. Don't think that the cost of a DVD burner is too high. I recently purchased one for around $80 which is quite reasonable considering it holds around 5GB of data. Once you have burned the important files, consider deleting them from your hard drive to create more space.


After backing up, it's always a good idea to run Disk Defragmenter from the System Tools folder in the Start Menu. This will tidy your computer up and possibly make it run a little faster as well.

Check Ezine Subscriptions

If you're subscribed to a large number of ezines, you will know the ones that you enjoy reading and the ones that you don't read. If you aren't getting the information that you subscribed for in the first place, cancel your subscription by clicking on the remove link at the bottom of any email you receive from the publisher. Of course if you subscribe to many ezines so you can post free classified ads, ignore this tip!

Check Program Subscriptions

Do you receive a ton of email from particular programs that you don't ever read? If you do, try logging into the program and see if you can change the email options so you don't receive email. Of course this doesn't apply to programs that you need to remain informed about. ;-)

Eradicate Negativity

Do you have particular influences onlines that are negative and cheese you off sometimes? That's easy fixed and let's face it -- who need's it? Either blacklist their email address or ban them in your messenger program. Done!

Make Plans

NOW that all that is done and clear... You can sit down and carry out the following important steps.

1. Write down your goals and objective for the year. (Don't be afraid to aim big either). Use positive affirmation in a sentence, eg. "I will increase my opt-in list to 20,000 by June." or "I will make an extra $20,000 in profits by March."

2. Write down HOW you will achieve these goals (the real guts of the plan) and give yourself a realistic time limit.

3. Display the list in a prominent place so you can see it from your computer.

If you follow these simple steps, you will find that they work much more effectively than by voicing a resolution at New Years. In fact, it can work ANY time of the year.

All the best to you for 2005.

About the Author

Eva Browne-Paterson published EvieB's New-Z, where you can advertise to 64,000 per week. http://www.evieb.com You can also save on essential business tools by joining her new program, CashCocktail for free: http://www.cashcocktail.com

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