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7 Tips to Turn Web Site Browsers in to Buyers

by Jennifer Tripp.

One of the easiest ways to make more money from your website is to turn a higher percentage of visitors into paying customers. Get started today with these 7 tips for improving your conversion rate...

CONVERSION TIP #1: Build Your Site Around Prospects Taking ONE Action

Too many sites give visitors so many options that they get lost in the process of choosing and end up doing nothing. Decide what the most important task of your site is and then build your pages to support this. Be sure to remove all navigation that isn't necessary to get them to take the ONE action you want them to take.

CONVERSION TIP #2: Use Audio On Your Web Site To Sell

If your site's purpose is to sell a product or service, EVERYTHING on your site should be used for selling - including audio. Instead of an audio introduction from you like many sites have added recently, create a powerful 30 second commercial that tells people what you offer, the major benefits of purchasing from you and/or why you're better than your competitors. You don't have to use a hard sell approach. Keep it conversational and show your enthusiasm - but make sure they're given information that takes them one step closer to buying!

CONVERSION TIP #3: Include An Offer (or a link to read more about your offer) "Above The Fold"

Above the fold means the area of the screen that is visible before you scroll down. By including an offer or link in this part of the site you will be more likely to get the attention of your visitors and have them take the action you want.

CONVERSION TIP #4: Include A "Call To Action" On Every Page

A call to action is the term used to describe the instructions you give readers of your sales letter. Examples are "Buy Now", "Subscribe to Our Newsletter" and "Join Today". Many sites that have low conversion rates are simply lacking these explicit instructions that tell visitors what to do next. To make your call to action even more effective include a reason for taking the action. Instead of "Buy Now" try "Buy Now and Save $20". The key to a powerful call to action is to use lots of action words (verbs).

CONVERSION TIP #5: Use A Two-Step Approach In Your Advertising

Simply making your offer and trying to sell someone directly from an ad is extremely difficult. Instead use the two-step sales approach which involves getting potential customers to make a small commitment - such as visiting your website or requesting your e-course - before you try and sell them. They'll be more likely to take the small step (especially if it's free), which will open the door for you to build a relationship with them and eventually make the sale.

CONVERSION TIP #6: Remember What You're Selling (and it's probably not what you think!)

Most business owners when asked "what do you sell?" are quick to name their products and services. What the smartest marketers know however is that they're actually selling an emotional response. People buy things because of how they make them FEEL (happy, safe, successful). Understanding the emotional connection that your customers have to your products and services is critical in being able to create an irresistible offer.

CONVERSION TIP #7: Present The Price In A Way That It Looks Like A Deal Prospects Can't Refuse

One way to demonstrate a low cost for your product or service is to break down the price to its lowest time increment. For example, "Enjoy all of this for less than 90 cents a day" (for something priced at $325 a year). You can also compare your price to something else that people know about. For example, "You can be a member of our site for the price of a lunch out every month". Or, tell people what they'll have to spend if they DON'T buy from you. For example, "Buy today and avoid spending $1,500 this year for..."

About the Author

Jennifer Tripp is a small business coach specializing in helping website owners create reliable marketing systems. These tips are an excerpt from her Free Special Report "101 Tips For Converting Web Site Browsers To Buyers".

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