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Art Goes High-Tech: Artists Use the Internet to Increase Recognition and Sales

by Debra Amerson.

We have all dreamed about making a living doing something we love, enjoying each day to the fullest and living that content, peaceful life we long for. For many of us, becoming a professional artist would be our highest aspiration, but even for those lucky enough to have the talent, making a good living as an artist can be extremely difficult.

Just ask any artist and they can tell you the same thing. Even immense talent doesn't guarantee a decent living. Despite rave reviews from art experts, most artists still find themselves in need of an extra boost to sell their art and make a good living.

So, like many of us, artists are beginning to turn to the Internet for a solution. Believe it or not, there are art-loving people out there who sponsor websites that provide an outlet for organizations, individuals, visual artists and musicians to upload and sell their work online.

CafePress.com is the Web's leading marketplace for selling and buying products direct from the creator. CafePress.com manages every aspect of doing business online, including customer service, online storefront development and management, product manufacturing and sourcing, fulfillment, credit card transactions and offers a full money back guarantee. Organizations utilizing CafePress.com's services are able to generate new streams of bottom-line revenue and build community through creative merchandising with no upfront cost.

The print and product quality is typically very high, allowing artists to showcase their work to millions of art lovers around the world including some well known celebrities who have set up CafePress.com shops such as: Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings), Rick Springfield, LeeAnn Rimes, David Cassidy, Tupac Shakur, R. Lee Ermy (Full Metal Jacket) and Wil Wheaton.

The Internet isn't just for MLMs and auctions. In recent years, the number of visual artists and musicians with websites has grown substantially, and so have the number of people who buy art online. It's a market that, while growing, remains vastly untapped. And that's good news for artists who want to jump on the bandwagon in the early stages.

So, if you're an art enthusiast or someone needing a unique artistic gift, you can skip the galleries. Those who create art can sell it online, and those who love art can buy it online.

Debra Amerson's photography has already received kudos from musician and recording engineer Andrew Roberts, a private collector, who said "Debra Amerson is an artist whose work brings vibrancy and positive energy to any space where it is displayed. The colors and textures of her images create a visual experience that, like classic music recordings, are worth visiting again and again-- finding something new and beautiful each time."

About the Author

For more information about Debra Amerson's colorful art on subjects from florals to music, and travel to Tibetan monks, visit http://www.debra-amerson.com. Contact Debra Amerson at 415-250-9622 or mailto:art@debra-amerson.com.

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