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The Three Ps of Prosperity

If prosperity sometimes seems like a terribly long reach, it might be time to get back to prosperity basics. Whenever you’re confused or lost on the road to prosperity, check out these three Ps to see if they can help you find your way again:


Renowned UCLA basketball coach John Wooden was often fond of saying, 'Good things take time and you have to realize good things take time.' Prosperity is a process of growth, development and self-learning, and patience is often the key to allowing that growth. In healing, it is often said that for every year you’ve had an illness or health condition, you require 1 month for healing. The same is true of prosperity. If you’ve have a poverty mentality for 35 years, be patient with yourself and allow at least 3 years of consistent spiritual growth before anticipating major and permanent changes in your level of prosperity.


Earl Bakken, former CEO of Medtronic, often says, 'A corrected aim eventually brings the envisioned success.' Because we can only know what we know at each step in the journey to prosperity, we are always making adjustments and corrections in direction and scope. These adjustments and deviations in the path aren’t failures, they’re simply a required part of the path. Staying persistent, even stubbornly determined, in the face any obstacles will keep you moving swiftly toward prosperity.


Prosperity is never the result of a mechanical grind. To reach prosperity, you have to take real pleasure in what you are creating and manifesting. Pleasure and joy are the emotions that can move manifestation along at warp speed. So whatever you choose as your route to prosperity, enjoy the journey as well as anticipating your prosperous destination!

Whenever you’re down and out, these three Ps of Prosperity can lift your spirits and remind you of your aims. Check whether you’re short on patience, persistence or pleasure to get yourself back on the road to prosperity.

About the Author

Stephanie Yeh is deeply committed to the study and experience of prosperity and to helping other people achieve and experience prosperity. With the help of a strong 15-year network marketing business, Stephanie and her partner have helped many people achieve their prosperity goals. Her current project, the Journeyman Wealth Program, is aimed at helping 15 people a year fully achieve their dreams. Stephanie’s Prosperity Abounds website works on the basic principle that 'You are the creator of your own reality!'. Get more details on her website at http://www.prosperity-abounds.com.

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