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4 Tips for Finding The Right Affiliate Program

By C.A. Ragland.

There are thousands of affiliate programs on the net, many promising the exact same results. So how do you choose? How can you tell which program is right for you?

Many people don't choose the right program the first time. Sometimes it takes people years to find an affiliate program that delivers everything they're looking for. But don't get discouraged yet. You don't have to whittle down the right choice by trial and error. You just have to know what to look for.

Here are a few tips help you choose the right program the first time:

*The Product Must Be Desirable, Consumable, And Affordable--

Many programs claim you can get by just on signing people up for the program. They place no emphasis whatsoever on the product. That is usually because they either don't have a product, or their product is so worthless you'll never make any money with it. So look for programs that offer a desirable product. If the product is consumable, all the better. That means people will come back again and again to buy when they run out of the product.

*Look For A Low Payout Threshold--

Some affiliate programs won't pay you until your commission earnings go above a certain payout threshold. So instead of the desired "regular income" you're actually only getting paid every 2 or 3 months. Obviously, this is not the optimum scenario, so look for a program with a low payout threshold of about $20 to $25. Any lower and the processing costs will take a large chunk out of your earnings.

*What Does The Program Do For You?--

The program you choose should be willing to put as much effort into your success as you do. The owner should not just sit back and let you do all the work. At the very least they should provide you with quality text links and banners to promote. A program that is really pulling for your success will provide a selection of promotional emails and sales letters, and a follow-up email system.

*Choose a Reliable Program--

The sad fact is, there are many fly-by-night programs out there that are not reliable. By this I mean they could suddenly go out of business or their program server could suddenly go down just before your big promotional push. Choose a program that has been established for at least 2-5 years.

The longer they've been in business, the better. It means they have staying power and won't go bankrupt just when you've built a steady business.

Also, to avoid day-to-day problems, look for a program that uses a reliable affiliate program system for tracking visitors, sales and commissions.

About the Author

Looking for an affiliate opportunity? Check out the Affiliate page at C.A. Ragland's Xtra-Income.net. Already part of a program? Register on Xtra-Income and drive highly targeted traffic to your site. Visit http://www.xtra-income.net. For more information contact C.A. Ragland by phone at 314-428-5036, fax at 314-428-3081, or email to ragsons@aol.com.

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