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Get Things Done! A simple guide to getting on top of your life and having some fun!

By Adrian Coppola.

Have you ever heard the old saying ĎIf you want something done, ask a busy personí? Ever wondered why?

Ever felt stressed out because you never seem to get through all the chores so you can get to the fun stuff?

Or maybe you just do the fun stuff, and try not to remember the chores piling up while youíre supposed to be having fun?

I think weíve all been there. But Iím here to tell you that it doesnít have to be like that. In this short article, Iím going to share a few ideas that I hope you will find useful in getting on top of your business and domestic life just like I found them useful in mine.

Make a list!

Yes, I know it sound too simple, but do you actually do it! (Come on. Be truthful ≠ thereís only you and me here!) Yes, I know, youíre too busy... Itís too simple... Iíve heard them all.

Listen, if Iím going to help you at all, then you have to just try things my way, not just read this and then forget about it two minutes later. So get a pen and a piece of paper...

Right, letís get started. First write down all the things you need to do, get done, whatever. And I do mean all. Take as long as you need and get everything down on paper. Iíll be here waiting...

OK, now you see what a lot of junk youíve been carrying around in your head. Feels better now itís out of there doesnít it?

One of the major causes of stress is trying to remember all the things youíre supposed to be worrying about! Now weíve dealt with that, itís going to get easier from here on in.


Now that you have your list, letís take the next step.

Iíll bet that some of the items on the list are pretty important. But if youíve done your job properly, there are lots of little things that have just been cluttering up your mind. Often itís just because there are so many small things that causes the problem.

So letís start getting on top of this. I want you to go through your list, marking the urgent stuff with an A, the not so important with a B, and the Ďit can waití stuff with a C.

Now weíre making progress...

Re-write your list in priority order, with the A items at the top, the B items next, and finally, on the other side of the page, put all the C items, where you canít see them!

Self Discipline

ĎI knew it would get difficult...í No, really, itís not that bad. You just need to stick with it.

The final, crucial step is...

Start with the first item and donít tackle anything else until itís done.

Seriously, itís too easy to cheat, and say ĎIíll just get a couple of these small things done, then Iíll feel better able to tackle that number one item after that...í

Donít be tempted. Itís only yourself that youíll cheat. Only tackle the most important thing on the list, and donít be tempted to deviate. Itís at the top of the list for a reason (You put it there!) so deal with it!

Once youíve dealt with it, put a big line through it, or a big tick, to say ĎJob doneí. Now that feels good, doesnít it.

Itís a funny thing but by getting that big job out of the way at the start of the day, youíll actually have much more energy for the rest of the day.

By doing it this way, making your own list, you control your life, and not the other way around.

OK, that first item is a seriously tough nut to crack. Thereís a couple of tricks that can help.

How do you eat an Elephant? ≠ One slice at a time!

Donít let the size of the problem throw you. Take item one on the list, and, yes, youíve guessed it, make into a list of smaller jobs that make up the whole, and get started on the most important one.

Give yourself a reward

Make yourself a promise that once youíve finished that job, youíre going to do something you really enjoy. Have a cup of coffee, go for a swim, whatever will get you motivated. But, remember, the reward comes after you finish the job, not before! Thatís why your parents paid you for cleaning your room after you did it, not before...

Make a list every morning

So every morning, get into the habit of making your list out. Itís your map to make sure you get where you want to be, when you want to be. Youíll be surprised how much time you now have for having fun. And how much more energy youíll have when that time comes.

Good luck, and remember, life is not a rehearsal, so get your work done, and then go have some fun!

P.S. If you like this article pass it on to a friend.

About the Author

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