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Why Weakness and Opportunity Make This a Great Time to Start Your Home Business

by Kevin Nunley.

Two recent headlines caught my attention as they probably caught yours. (1) The once lowly New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and (2) the once mighty Enron went down, taking their employees' life savings with them.

This is the best time ever to start your own business from home. These two headline stories give you important reasons why. The "big guys" are weaker than ever, and that gives YOU a big opportunity.

My business started back in 1996 with just me working in a spare corner of my house. It was one of the best decisions I ever made... and I'm not alone.

We've seen a huge increase in home workers in recent years. Fourteen million Americans work from home full time while another thirteen million are part-time home workers. The trend is growing by 600,000 new home-based businesses per year (according to government reports and Success Magazine).

Why do all these people want to give up the security of an employee pay check to own a small business? While Enron is probably the most sensational case we've seen, there are thousands of corporations who have been forced to downsize or give up in the wake of dropping stock prices.

To my grandfather, a corporate job meant security. These days, the economy's intense demands for immediate profits make long term job stability a thing of the past. You simply can't put your entire future in the hands of corporate managers. You aren't their first priority. Customers aren't their first priority. Stock prices, which often have little to do with how you perform, dictate how you get treated.

Now I realize there are many exceptions. But more than a few of us could use a wake up call and a little encouragement to take things into our own hands.

And how do the New England Patriots fit into this? You remember how they weren't supposed to win the Super Bowl. Another team was stronger, more skilled, more focused, better equipped and expected to make quick work of the Patriots. Of course, it didn't happen. Did the "bigger" team get cocky? Did they lack focus? Or do we have a bad habit of underestimating the little guy, the smaller operation, the start-up idea?

Apply this idea to the business world and you've got an interesting opportunity. Businesses get good at what they do, get more customers, then grow. Some become huge conglomerates, at which point they often start making a mess out of customer service and forget niche markets that could make any small operator rich. Big companies don't always falter like this, but enough do to create voids many home-based businesses can fill.

Finally, I've learned a hard lesson over the years. You can trust an individual a lot further than you can trust a faceless corporation. Regular people always pay their invoices, yet corporations frequently forget, refuse, or ignore them (the collect fast and pay late axiom is actually one of the formulas they teach you in business school).

As we get even more millions of people working from home, empowered by the Internet and cheap phone service, we could see business take on the much more personalized and honest face of the solo individual. I'm willing to bet we're already seeing the pendulum swinging in that direction.

In short, NOW is the time to start and succeed in your own home business.

About the Author

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice, copy writing, and popular promotion packages. See his big All-Out Marketing Program that combines a press release with your own ezine article, ezine ads, and sizzling sales copy at http://DrNunley.com/123.htm Reach Kevin at mailto:kevin@drnunley.com or 603-249-9519.

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