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Want to Make Money? Sell the Right Product

By Jerry Moore.

There is no such thing as a perfect business opportunity that doesn't revolve around a quality, in-demand product. Many business opportunities try to divert your attention away from a substandard product by focusing on the compensation plan or the referral program. But your ultimate success is based on the product, so no matter how many diversions are thrown into the pitch, you have to keep your eye on the ball.

There are three things any product you choose to market and support must embody. Above all else, the product must be:

1. In-demand

2. Consumable

3. Reasonably Priced

First of all, the product must be in-demand--needed or wanted by a sufficient segment of the market--in order for you to sell it. Sure, you could spend a lot of effort marketing a product that people don't know they want, and you'll probably make a few sales, but not enough to be worth your while.

Choose a product that people already know they want, but that offers unique benefits they can't find just anywhere. If they can find the exact same product for the same price at Wal-Mart or their local insurance agency, why would they need your product?

The product must also be consumable, or something the customer has to keep coming back for. An ongoing service that requires a monthly or weekly fee also works. If your product is going to be there forever after the customer buys it, they have no reason to come back and shop from you, meaning you only get one commission from each customer. But if you're product is consumable, you create long-term customers with almost every sale.

Last but not least, the product must be reasonably priced. As I said before, if a customer can go to any local store or business and get a similar product for a lower price, they're not going to buy your product. The first thing to ask yourself is whether people want your product, and the second thing to ask is whether they want it enough to pay for it.

Your best bet is to choose a program with a product or service that is priced low enough to entice deal hunters. With network marketing, it is easy to make up profits in volume, and it's much better than making no profits at all.

About the Author

Jerry Moore is a broker for AmeriPlan USA, the perfect business with the perfect product. Want to make a lucrative income marketing a product that over 175 million Americans are in need of? Learn more about the AmeriPlan opportunity and product at http://www.iboplus.com/Jmoore10/. Contact Jerry Moore by phone at 510-713-2624 or email to jmooreeccx@hotmail.com.

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