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Choosing A Domain Name

by James D. Brausch.

Your domain name is your address on the Internet. It is how people navigate to our site.

Here are some of the criteria I recommend:

1. Your keyword should be in the domain name. (For example, if you sell red widgets, your ideal domain name is RedWidgets.com)

2. The domain name should have a .com extension.

3. Your domain should be short.

4. It should not contain numbers or dashes.

In addition to these criteria, we should select from a list of deleted domains. These are domains that others have used in the past, so there may be links already in place to them. Although the leading search engine attempts to discount links to expired domains, there is still benefit in having the links themselves! Such domains might already receive a significant amount of traffic. Even if they don't, starting with a list of deleted domains is much easier than trying to think of domain names that aren't already taken.

Here is how to get your free list of deleted domains that meet the above criteria:

1. Open your browser.

2. Enter the following on the URL line (or just click the following link):


3. Click "Power Search"

4. Click the drop-down box that says "deleted or on hold". Change the setting to "deleted".

5. Click the drop-down box that says "in the last 60 days". Chang the setting to "anytime".

6. Click in the empty box after "that contain the letters".

7. Type your topic (the single word you chose in the earlier exercise).

8. Click the "any length" drop-down and select "no more than".

9. Click the empty box after "and that are no more than".

10. Count the number of letters in your topic. Add 5. Enter that number in the empty box.

11. Check the box that says "Exclude domains with hyphens (-)"

12. Check the box that says "Exclude domains with numbers"

13. Click the "Show Domains" button.

14. Copy and paste the complete list into a notepad file.

15. Be sure to go to the next page if there is one and copy/paste those keywords too.

Go through the list and eliminate any domains that:

1. You just don't like.

2. Have the topic in a different context than you are looking for (for instance: I had a "guns" site once. I eliminate a domain called gunsnroses.com because that is about a musical band).

3. Have any inappropriate words in them.

Now select your domain from the remaining part of the list.

Then register it quickly. I recommend the following registrars:



These also offer hosting, but I never recommend hosting with the same company you do registrations.

The registration will cost you from $6 to $18 for an entire year. That's it! You now own your own domain!

About the Author

The author, James D. Brausch, is the coach and webmaster of QuitThatJob.com, a site dedicated to providing step-by-step instructions to start your own profitable Internet business and Quit That Job! For more information, please visit: http://www.QuitThatJob.com.

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