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Trading in Hammers for PC's!

By Joseph Iorio. GetWebHits.com.

Seven years ago my partner and I had not yet turned on a computer. Today we run several successful Internet ventures and are considered to be "marketing experts" by many people. (I use that term cautiously).

Our road to success was one of perseverance. 15 hour days, 7 day weeks, learning code, mastering submission techniques, building web sites and databases. To think, not too long ago, we were building houses not web sites. Here's our story.....

It's 1996.....Two home remodelers, father and son, are about to drive in the last nail of their construction careers. Mentally and physically burnt out, they retire their hammers and trade them in for a PC. (of all things)

While their families question their sanity, (which is nothing new to them), they embark on a journey that will try their patience and test their will power. It will take three years to justify their efforts.

"I never failed. I succeeded in finding 10,000 ways not to do something."
Thomas Edison

I'll try to be brief here. I was originally going to list all the programs we have been involved in but that would require a whole new article. I plan to write it soon. It may, however, be more entertaining than educational.

Let's just say that every program we have ever been involved in has been a learning experience.

Our successes have inspired us while our failures have challenged us.

In a matter of only a few years, we have become experts in running an Internet business. We attribute our success to our willingness to learn and our commitment to help the people that put their confidence in us.

What did we learn?

  • We learned to build a community, not a business.
  • To offer something of value first, something for sale later.
  • To do more, not less.
  • To be persistent and dedicated.
  • To follow up, but not push.
  • To learn the things we did not understand.
  • To reward resellers, not take advantage of them.
  • To rely on our own efforts, not someone else's.
  • To promote...promote...and then promote some more!

although I sometimes feel that I work harder now than I ever did, I can hardly wait to get in my office everyday. There is nothing more exciting than running your own business from your home office.

I hope we can continue to help other Internet Marketers share that same feeling.

To your success!

Sincerely, Joseph Iorio

About the Author

Joseph Iorio and Joseph Iorio Sr. have helped thousands of Internet Marketers promote their web sites. Visit "The Ultimate Edge" at: http://getwebhits.com.

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