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Money Saving Tips

By Dr. Robert Sullivan

Seemingly insignificant items can add up to major savings for your business. Consider the following and watch your bottom line improve:

* Negotiate everything including services. You can frequently purchase at a discount by merely asking. Always request a discount if you pay cash or intend to pay within 5-10 days.

* Comparison shop for all your needs. If you have been purchasing similar goods from the same vendor for a few months, put your regular order up for bid with the competition ...it is likely you will do better.

* Shop by mail order whenever possible. It is frequently economical and convenient. Use a credit card for mail order ...if you have a problem the credit card company will assist you.

* Toll free calling can add up to major telephone savings. Numerous vendors and suppliers have 800 numbers which may not be widely advertised. Don't purchase an expensive "800 directory." Either use the toll-free operator (800 555 1212) or better yet, search using the internet (http://www.tollfree.att.net/dir800/)

* Barter, it works! This is a great way to help your cash flow. There may be tax consequences so check with your accountant or CPA..

* Monitor telephone usage & supplies. Telephones and supplies are often misused and considerable savings are possible by being diligent.

* Monitor energy consumption. Utilize auto-setback thermostats and automatic light switches. Savings can be dramatic.

* Shop for the best telephone service. Rates and services vary considerably between suppliers. Furthermore, rates change frequently. Shop around from time to time and switch if necessary.

* Use FAX or E-mail instead of mail. You will save the cost of postage, paper, envelope, mailing time and get instant delivery! Send messages in the evenings or weekends for further reduced telephone rates and save even more. Most FAX machines and e-mail systems provide for delayed sending.


Robert Sullivan is the author of The Small Business Start-Up Guide, and United States Government - New Customer!. He frequently lectures on starting small businesses and appears on CNBC's "Minding Your Business" as a small business expert. His books may be ordered toll-free by calling 1 800 375 8439.

Robert also developed and maintains an extensive award-winning Internet website, "The Small Business Advisor," at http://www.isquare.com)

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