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Are You Seeking Advice From The Right People?

By Noel Peebles ( http://www.instantsellbusiness.com/index1.html)

Who should you listened to and get advice from? Who can give you the help, advice and the emotional support you need in achieving your goals? Who should you let influence your thinking? After all, you can't do everything yourself, so you will need help from others.

The important thing is to listen to the right people. If your goal is to become financially independent, then is it best to rely on the advice of someone who has never achieved that goal? Think about that for a moment.

Friends and family are often well intentioned, but have they aspired to much, or do they spend their lives watching instead of doing? Some of them may never have paid the price to achieve success...and they probably never will. Can they give you help, give you good advice and the emotional support you need to achieve your success goals? Can they teach all the skills, knowledge and give you the guidance you need to become financially independent?

Think about this honestly. If you turn to them for advice, what can they tell you? How can they help? Is their experience what you need to succeed?

The point I'm making is; your friends and family all want the best for you. Their motives and intentions are good, but like all of us, they see the world through their own fears, faults, and failures... they are guided by their own feelings.

No man is an island. There will be times when friends and family can be of great help, but be careful taking advice if they have not already achieved what you are setting out to achieve.

Know who to rely on, know who to seek advice from... be a self-starter and take control of your own destiny.

I believe we can learn more from the experiences of others than we have time on this earth to discover for ourselves. Keep an open mind and find a way to learn from those who have already been there. Trust the experience of those people, above those who haven't done what you want to do.

Always put your ultimate trust in yourself.

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