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The #1 Money Secret I Learned from Interviewing Over 23 Millionaires

The #1 Money Secret I Learned from Interviewing Over 23 Millionaires
by Mike Litman - Host - World's #1 Personal Development Radio Show

All over the Net, people are asking you to pay them for 'get rich' secrets, all the 'systems' have different names. Have you ever asked yourself this question. How many of them are really rich? Maybe a few, right?

Wouldn't it be refreshing the learn money making secrets from ones who have documentation to back up there success? Then you know they are legit. They walk their talk.

And then they are worth listening to. True?

Since 1998, I've hosted a business/self improvement radio show headquartered in New York. I've interviewed over 23 millionaires, many multi-millionaires. I've talked to the top CEO's in America, top motivational speakers, best selling authors, marketing guru's to name a few.

All these millionaires in their field left me with the same success 'secret'. It was truly incredible. The consistency in there messages is outstanding. If they all told me the same principle to winning in life and business, might this be the cornerstone to success in each of our lives.

Do you have somebody that has 'done it' that your 'following'? Do you have somebody whose 'done it' that is helping you 'do it'? Are you using the 'secret' to success all successful people have used throughout history?

I've interviewed individuals with combined net worth over 607 million dollars.

They've all had a mentor. Shouldn't you?

About the Author

Mike Litman is the host of 'World's #1 Personal Development Radio Show, The Mike Litman Show. Heard online weekly in 17 countries, Mike interviews the top entrepreneurs and motivators alive today. Learn the secrets from eight millionaires Mike has interviewed at www.milliondollartips.com/cwm.html

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