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Back to Business Basics: a New Recipe for Business Success

by Frank Fuciarelli ( http://www.fastsearchcenter.com/arspecial)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Clients are made over time-not found. You just have to know the recipe: Mine calls for two-parts customer service, an assortment of unique products, unlimited advertising opportunities, and at least 20 free online services.

Today, more than ever, e-mail is a business necessity. As a business owner, people need to be able to communicate with you electronically-especially if you want them to do business with you. So, rather than asking customers if they have an e-mail address, I learned that it was much more friendly (and fashionable) to offer them one. For example, on FastSearchCenter.com, visitors can set-up a personalized e-mail account-free of charge-and then send and receive unlimited e-mail messages.

I also realized that free services seem to put smiles on the faces of site visitors. Of course, the services should offer real values, in order to build credibility. Currently, FastSearchCenter.com offers almost two-dozen free services, including daily news listings, chat rooms, jokes, auctions, classified ads, movie reviews, games, comics, health tips, and many more. When it comes to building a relationship with your customer, free services are always better than premium services.

And the premium services you do offer should be unique, effective, and worth the money (or your customers will go elsewhere). As an example, FastSearchCenter.com offers three forms of targeted advertising to our customers. Our unique targeting method allows users to target their advertisements to specific searches (made through our search engine). This means that only people who are interested in a customer's specific business will see the ads. We also offer a targeted banner advertisement service, and a patented "Blast of Traffic" Special. The unique nature of these premium services, as well as the actual results they generate for our clients, makes them a sensible investment to any prudent business owner.

About the Author

Online success is not an accident-it is the product of a very specific recipe. Free services build credibility. Credibility builds relationships. FastSearchCenter.com has helped dozens of companies reach their marketing goals. For more information, or to take advantage of our free e-mail, web hosting, (or 18 other free services), visit http://www.fastsearchcenter.com/arspecial or call 248-890-2999.

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