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You Get What You Ask For: Five steps to powerfully manifesting your intentions

By Molly Gordon

You Get What You Ask For: Five steps to powerfully manifesting your intentions

You've doubtless heard the line, "Watch out, you get what you ask for."

Are you equally aware that you ask for what you get?

How many times have you shaken your head in frustration after formulating a clear intention and then manifesting something entirely out of line with your expectations? Did the universe change the rules on you? Probably not. Assuming that your intention does not violate a natural law, you have either confused the intention with attachment to how that intention would come about or you are manifesting an unconscious intention.

There are five steps to powerfully manifesting your intentions:

1. Notice what you are getting. This is the key to uncovering your unconscious intentions and attachments. Are you intending to prosper but manifesting scarcity? Simply notice this without judgment.

2. Notice how you are asking for this. Gently inquire how it is that you are asking for these results. Are you attached to an old scarcity script that runs on in spite of opportunities to prosper? Is your primary intention to prove that you have been treated unfairly?

3. Acknowledge the payoff. There's a payoff in your attachment or you wouldn't have it. When you acknowledge the payoff you reclaim the opportunity to be at choice. "I choose to remain open to the gifts I am given rather than have the satisfaction of proving how hard my life is."

4. Recommit to your intention. Powerfully renew your intention, knowing that you get what you ask for and affirming your willingness to learn how to manifest your heart's desire.

5. Notice how your intention is manifest. Practice being curious about the myriad and subtle ways in which your intention is becoming manifest. Is prosperity showing in the lives of your friends? In your garden? How are you being invited to cooperate in the creation of prosperity?

Molly Gordon is a Professional Personal Coach who works with men and women who are ready to know and live their hearts' desires. She provides both individual and group coaching as well as leading innovative workshops and teleclasses in marketing and the creative process. To subscribe to her weekly email newsletter or to the quarterly Ladybug Leaf (both free), visit http://www.coachladybug.com. You may reach Molly at molly@coachladybug.com.


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Molly Gordon, Professional Personal Coach
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