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Conspire to Succeed In 2001

Copyright 2001 by Chris Kilian

The web is big place, and getting bigger all the time. The competition is heating up. Failure is not only a rumor but a reality for a growing number of dot coms. How can the little guy avoid the same fate?

Stop thinking like a little guy.

We all want more success in 2001, but perhaps it is time to change your strategy. It may be time to create a circle of conspirators that will lead to your success.

The TRUTH is that in an increasingly competitive online arena you are going to need help. You need to find like minds that you can work with for common goals. You must seek them out and form alliances that will increase your individual strengths to form an unstoppable force.

Look at the strength(s) you have to offer. Perhaps that is a large list of contacts, large web site traffic, technical expertise or a your own product. Find others who need that strength and offer to trade or combine your best traits for a common good.

It IS possible to create all the pieces you need for your own success this year by working alone. You can learn what you need to know, create your product, develop the traffic, set the perfect price, put the ordering processes in place, and take care of fulfilling orders. . .if you want to take the time.

But why should you?

You can get to a profitable end result much quicker when you put your valuable assets into a pool with one or more fellow conspirators.

Here are four quick steps can be taken begin your own conspiracy for success.

1. Evaluate your own strengths.

What do you have to offer? What are you most proud about? What is bringing the most success? What provides you the most positive feedback?

2. Evaluate what your are missing.

What would you need to add to what you already have to be successful? What technology? What skills? What product? What needs work to better? Your copy? Your traffic? Your ordering system?

3. Find the missing parts.

You know what you have and do not have, now find people who have what you need. Offer them a deal to join you. Make your offer based on sales of the final product. If your part of the end product is more important, you have the ability to ask for and get a bigger part of the profits. If what you contribute is the idea, but a less important part of the final offer, expect to take a smaller part of the profits.

4. Put your conspiracy into motion.

Add individual parts from you and your partners and reap the rewards.

By the way, you can conspire with any number of partners all at the same time. If you find a successful combination there is no reason to not duplicate the same success working with another group of partners.

About the Author:

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