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Working from Home - Judge our Quality not our Location - Home based Basics

By Ronda L. Claire

One of the most difficult aspects of being home-based self-employed is convincing clients and prospective clients that we are just as professional as our counterparts who have offices, stores and other locales away from home.

When we think of someone working from home we can easily garner an image of a gal with her hair in curlers, still in a robe and fluffy slippers, or a guy in his old college t-shirt and worn jeans, lounging about the house waiting for the phone to ring. This is not always true, however. Many of us dress in sweats...!

Obviously there are times when more formal attire is appropriate and this should be taken into consideration. Even the newest home-based kid on the block knows not to network in jeans and sweats!

Seriously, even though our appearance, on days we are certain no client will call, can be ... well... comfortable ..., the quality of the work is what should count. There are home-based people who can put out twice the quality with higher accuracy than an office full of people who are "dressed" for the job in professional surroundings.

Those of us who have chucked the corporate lifestyle to run a business from home are as conscientious, quality minded and accurate as we were before becoming home-based. In a way, a home-based entrepreneur is more sensitive to client needs because we are where the buck stops.

A mistake can cost us not only a client but damage our reputation, where a corporate entity usually has the choice of putting someone else on a project and keeping the account.

However, being dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt with hair pulled into a ponytail doesn't affect the quality of the work. Sometimes, because the comfort factor is actually higher, the work can benefit from it much more than when dressed in the formality that the corporate world demands.

Another fact in dealing with a home-based business is that the client is in direct contact with the owner...the CEO...the project manager. Instead of being on hold for 10 minutes while calls are being directed to seven different departments in search of the account representative, usually when the phone is answered in a home-based business, it is the owner speaking.

Home-based entrepreneurs are, contrary to popular belief, proficient, quality-minded, project driven professionals. But in some cases we feel it necessary to hide our home-based office from a client, at least until the person is comfortable enough with the work provided that the location doesn't matter.

In considering a person (company) for a new project, look at the samples, check out the quality, then make the decision. If you later learn they are home-based ... expect the best quality and service you've met with in a long time. You'll likely get it, and then some!

About The Author

Ronda L. Claire, is owner of Starlight Creations, Kankakee, Illinois. Ronda has been a home-based business owner since 1994, and established and published a newsletter for home-based (and otherwise) self-employed people since 1998. She has loved to write since childhood and has worked as a print reporter and correspondent for weekly and daily newspapers. Ronda loves being home-based in business and sharing her experiences with others who are or wish to be for their education and encouragement.

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