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Break Time! - Home based Basics

By Ronda L. Claire

Kankakee, Ill. (Sun., June 6, 1999) -- Hard working individuals (and those who don't work so hard...) all have one thing in common. One of our favorite phrases is "Break Time!"

Home-based entrepreneurs choose to work at home for many reasons. Even though the benefits will always outweigh the drawbacks, one major disadvantage is isolation. When making the transition from the corporate world to a home office, sometimes our only companionship is the radio or the world wide web. Distractions are welcome but must be controlled much more strictly than in an outside workplace.

A difficult major project, or a smaller but complicated assignment, can some days be enough for the solo entrepreneur to think about giving up working from home. These are times when a brief, but a refreshing break is valuable. However, another problem with home-based entrepreneurs can be - what kind of break to take! A "working" break away from home; a "health" break, a walk or bicycle ride; a "break" break where nothing work-related is allowed; a "research" break, online or at the library.

A "working" break can be constructive, even though we are still at work. Grabbing a cup of coffee at the local diner while reading drafts of projects or planning a new one can give a fresh approach to a problem. The table is usually big enough to spread work on, the area is well lit. Coffee's always hot, work gets done, you are refreshed.

A "health" break a walk or bicycle ride to the park and back, covering a mile or so can do wonders to clear up cloudy thought waves. Come back to your desk with juice and a piece of fruit (or more realistically a diet Coke and a candy bar :) and you may find your self even more creative than you thought you could be!

A "break" break where nothing work-related is allowed, including a persistent creative thought. Write some personal letters, make a list of books to read or TV shows or movies to watch, sit by the river or lake and watch the flow of the water, listen to light jazz.

A "research" break, online or at the library. Have a cybercafe nearby? Make some use of it. Sit at a table and have a Graniccino while you sift through business documents or plan a budget. Get online for an hour and surf the web for "home-based business" or "work at home" sites and dip into a few of them. Stop at the library to browse for home-based books or articles in reference as well as in non-fiction. Tour the reference department to find the valuable resources you may have otherwise overlooked. Or meet with a couple of fellow home-based entrepreneurs to compare notes, work related and not!

A "networking" break at a social gathering, can rev up creativity and incite new ideas. Meeting people from a variety of businesses can not only be a great diversion, you might pick up some new clients as well.

Whatever type of break you take, from those listed above to your own choices and concoctions, be sure to build at least one into each work day. In the corporate world breaks are all but mandatory. In the home-based world, breaks are all but a vital part of keeping creative juices flowing and sanity on a fairly even level!

About The Author

Ronda L. Claire, is owner of Starlight Creations, Kankakee, Illinois. Ronda has been a home-based business owner since 1994, and established and published a newsletter for home-based (and otherwise) self-employed people since 1998. She has loved to write since childhood and has worked as a print reporter and correspondent for weekly and daily newspapers. Ronda loves being home-based in business and sharing her experiences with others who are or wish to be for their education and encouragement.

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