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Make A Profit Every Time You Run An Ad In Your Targeted Ezine

How To Make A Profit Every Time You Run An Ad
For Your Product or Service In Your Targeted Ezine

by Hilton Moore

If you have been placing ads in ezines and have been wondering why you are still broke, after the ad has ran, then figure no more.

Ezine advertising can be one of the trickiest methods, of letting people know about your product, that has ever been invented. Most people do go broke trying to advertise in ezines; even if they advertise in the right ezine with the right target market!

You see, ezine advertising is not so much about advertising your product for a one time sale of whatever product you have. No...no, ezine advertising is about multiplying whatever you have in such a way that it is nearly impossible not to make a profit every time you run your ad!

How is this, you ask?.......

Easy enough.....The answer is to have a product that multiplies itself relentlessly.

Create a valuable ebook, info product, newsletter(anything that can be given away for free), place an ad in an ezine for your FREE ebook, newsletter, info product, and watch your product, service, etc... start multiplying. It's a beautiful thing.....

As long as you give something away that can multiply itself, you will NEVER have to worry about loosing money on any ezine ad you place. Just be sure to place your ezine ad in your target market ezines. If you don't then this technique will not be as effective.

And, on the Internet, this is the main key to winning with any type of marketing; especially if you want to create a profit every time you run an ezine ad in your targeted area.

© copyright 1999-2000 Hilton Moore

About the Author

Hilton Moore is a software and informational product developer. He just finished his $1,000,000 Internet Marketing Secrets eManual that shows both novice and experienced online marketers, of all types, easy ways to market their product(s) while getting huge amounts of traffic to their sites. For more information go to http://www.hmoore.com .

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