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Advertising with Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

How I Make Over $300/ day Advertising with Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
by Greg Davis

Confessions of a Newbie Netpreneur, part 1:

Do you want instant, targeted traffic to your website, for pennies? One of the web's lesser-publicized advertising mediums, pay-per-click search engines, deliver just that. Unlike traditional search engines and directories like Yahoo and Excite, you can pay for a high ranking. You actually bid on search terms, and the amount you bid determines the place your listing occupies when that term is searched. So, if you are the top bidder on a term like "making money", whenever a surfer searches for that key phrase your listing will appear on the top of the list. The most popular pay-per- click search engine is Goto.com. Just as the name implies, these sites charge you every time someone clicks on your listing. This is a beautiful advertising model, because you are only paying for actual visitors to your site. If you know how much you make per visitor, then you know how much to bid on keywords so that you make a profit. The other great thing about the pay-per-clicks is that they provide instant, targeted traffic. When you are ready to make money on the web, there is no time like the present. Most of the search engines I recommend below allow you to be listed instantly, and the ones that don't normally get you listed in a day or two. The traffic you get is from people that are specifically searching for what you have to offer.

The following is a 3 - step method that I've used to successfully advertise with the pay per click search engines. Currently, it's bringing in over $300 everyday for me, and I've only been at it for 3 months. This is growing as I add keywords (more on that below). So, here goes....

# 1 Find a Site that Sells!

While your long-term goal should be to develop your own site with your own products, there is nothing wrong with starting out with a good affiliate program or existing opportunity. Your goal here is to find a site that produces consistent revenue. While there are literally thousands of opportunities out there in cyberspace, many unproven, there are a few consistent moneymakers. Since you won't get huge amounts of traffic from the pay-per- click's, you need to generate a fair amount per visitor (more on this below) in order to make your efforts pay.

#2 Know Thy Numbers!

Now, in order determine exactly how profitable a site or webpage salesletter is, you need to test it. You need to determine how much each site visitor is worth to you, in other words your profit per click. Once you know how much each click is worth to you, you know how much you should bid for search terms in the pay-per-clicks. To figure out your numbers, your site should at least have had 400 visitors. If it hasn't had that much traffic yet, you can generate some instant traffic with some of the engines. You'll have to guess a bit on how much to bid on the search terms, so don't go overboard. Once you've had some traffic (and sales), take the total amount of profit you've made, and divide this amount by the total # of visits/clickthroughs your site has had. This is the amount you make per visitor to your site. This is basically what your click through price break-even point is. So, any clickthroughs you are able to buy for below this price are profitable for you. This becomes your personal goldmine, as there are many good search terms available out there for pennies per clickthrough (there's even a place where you can buy them for as little as ($.001!). Let's go through an example: your site has had 400 visits, and you've had 8 sales. If you make $30 profit per sale, then you take your $240 profit (8 sales X $30/sale), and divide by 400 to get $.60 profit per clickthrough. Keep your bids below this number, and you'll make money. I would say that $.20 profit per click should be the minimum you should accept in order to make your search engine promotion efforts worth it (believe me, there is a lot of work involved - the beauty of it is you only have to do it once). If your site is bringing in over $1 per click like some of mine are, paying for clicks can be very profitable.

Do you see the awesome potential of advertising this way? You can make consistent profits from less than a thousand visitors per day. Now, Let's move on to how you get the visitors...

#3 Generate Thousands of Keywords

A word to the lazy: if you want to make a lot of money on the internet from very little effort, please get out now! This is where the work comes in. In order to generate a decent amount of traffic from the pay-per-clicks, you're are going to have come up with literally thousands of search terms for your website. Fortunately, there are many good tools out there that can help you. An excellent resource for this is http://www.goodkeywords.com. This free program utilizes data from several search engines to generate key words and phrases. Your purpose is to find as many relevant terms as you can which would lead a searcher to your site. For example, if your site is a money-making opportunity, you would want to have terms like money, make money, make money online, business opportunity, online business opportunity, and so on. You need to be creative, the more you can come up with, the more money you will make. The most popular terms are obviously going to be more expensive (some on Goto are in the $10 range!), so it's important to come up with terms that not everyone else automatically thinks of. While you will get less clicks on the less popular terms, if you have enough of them you will make consistent income. These lower-priced keywords are also the most profitable.

Well, there you have it. The last piece of this puzzle is the search engines themselves. While there are quite a few pay-per-click search engines out there, the following are the ones that I've found effective. These all produce a pretty good amount of traffic, and most allow you to change your bids and add keywords in real time. Happy moneymaking!


© 2001 Greg Davis, All Rights Reserved

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Greg Davis specializes in showing everyday people how to make over $2,000 weekly part time at http://www.workathome4me.com . For the free flash movie, send a blank email to mailto:gdxintro@quicktell.net . Receive $200 in free marketing software just for visiting or watching the movie.

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