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How To Use Free For All Link Pages to Promote--FREE!

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

There are thousands of them. Millions of people use them. You bet, they're crowded. But free for all link pages can be a powerful tool in the hands of anyone who knows how to use them with determination and flair.

The Internet is the great free enterprise marketplace of our day. Like your great-grandfather who began his business by placing his apple box near Times Square, free for all links give you the chance to shout your message at no cost or low cost in the big world of ecommerce.

Free for all link sites feature a line of advertising with a link to your web page. Prospects can quickly and easily scan down a page of links to find products, services, and opportunities that interest them.

Like a new service scrolling the day's headlines, free for all link pages give you a running update on what is happening on the Internet's front lines. Lots of people check them regularly to stay on the cutting edge.

Thousands of beginning (and experienced) Internet entrepreneurs have discovered free for all links are a great way to launch a new product, test an innovative service, or give their web site a quick boost of traffic.

Here are four ways to make these free link opportunities work for you.

1. Use one of the services that blasts your link to hundreds of pages. Even though lots of other people are doing the same, the number of visitors to these sites creates a collective crowd of potential customers.

Services that charge a small subscription fee for access to their network can give you a less crowded field for promoting your link. Nir Leibovich, CEO of Linkomatic< http://linkomatic.com > points to recent improvements for free for all link enthusiasts.

"We have a proprietary license to over 3500 of these link pages and no one else can submit to them," Leibovich said. This means members of Linkomatic's network have their links stay up on link pages longer with more exposure.

2. Make sure your line of ad copy sizzles. Start with an action word. Use marketing's two most powerful words: FREE and YOU.

Offer your reader a benefit for clicking. Tell them what they will get when they arrive at your site. It may take some practice to get your message to fit into a single line.

Readers should click your link to find a web page that exactly echoes what your line of link advertising said. Don't confuse prospects by promising them one thing in the link ad and hitting them with something different on your web page.

3. Consider getting your own free for all links page. You can harvest the email addresses of those who place ads and send them your own marketing message. Because others voluntarily place their links on your site, you have a legitimate and valuable opt-in list to promote with.

Keep in mind almost everyone who places a link is launching or promoting a small business. All need services, products, and ideas you can sell them. Focus your offerings on things that help them do work faster, increase sales, or find a viable opportunity.

When you place your link on someone else's site, expect to get an email confirmation from them. It may be a good strategy to create a special mailbox or email account just for replies. It will help you keep your free for all link promotion program organized.

4. Be persistent. Your great-grandfather didn't get a free ride. He had to brave cold weather, rude people, and meager earnings. Eventually his persistence paid off. He built a business that grew each year and benefited generations of family with a solid income and promising future.

Write your dream down on a piece of paper. List three to five steps that will get you to your goal. Put the paper in your pocket. Take it out several times each day and read it. Keep doing it until the paper becomes dirty and ragged.

This simple technique has been used by countless entrepreneurs for centuries. It is responsible for vast fortunes. Constantly review your goals and the methods you will use to obtain them. This is vital for keeping you focused. It is an important step toward making free Internet promotion your path to a bright future.

About the Author

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice and copy writing for businesses and organizations. Read all his money-saving marketing tips at http://DrNunley.com/. Reach him at kevin@drnunley.com or (801)253-4536.

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