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Your Home Office - A How-to on posting to FFA Sites

Your Home Office - A How-to on posting to FFA Sites
by Brad Trupp

Posting to FFA or "Free for All" links pages provides an opportunity to expose your web site to 1000's of people.

Why? Two good reasons.

(1) First is that some people do actually look at the pages. From an analysis of the log files at 4hb.com, I see 2 or 3 visitors a day coming from a link on a FFA page.

(2) Second is that a lot of these pages get indexed by search engines and if you happen to be listed on that page at that moment, you get a little extra count for link popularity, which several big search engines use in part for search engine ranking.

How? Two steps.

(1) First, set up a spare e-mail account.

NEVER NEVER NEVER use your primary account since you will receive 100's of e-mails. Normally when you post to an FFA page, you will get a one-time confirmation e-mail along with some advertising from each and every FFA site you post to. Did I say NEVER often enough?

Any generic web based e-mail system will do however I suggest zwallet.com or yahoo.com for your e-mail. Both have features that allow you to delete all the e-mail in your in-basket quickly without actually ever having to read it. Zwallet has an [empty folder] link at the top of the in-basket. One click to clear the inbox and one click to empty the trash. Sign up at http://www.zwallet.com or http://mail.yahoo.com

Please remember to empty out the e-mail folders once in a while.

(2) Second -- doing the actual submissions.

Never go to the individual pages to sign up. It is a incredible waste of your time. Use a service or program. Do however go to the occasional FFA page and see what is posted. I have found a few interesting links that way.

FFANET.COM offers free submission to 1000's of sites. Most other submission sites want to charge you fees to submit. Ignore them if they want cash from you.

For automated programs, I use SubmitWolf by Trellian. Very nice.

Never overdo it. Once every 2 or 3 weeks should be often enough.

On a footnote, I recently set up a FFA submission page at 4hb. It is not on any of our menus at the moment and may never be. I am watching the statistics to see how well it works as a promotion tool.

I mentioned the page on a few newsgroups, and added it to a few sites where you can list your FFA page. After a week, we are getting over 600 posts per day. About 98% of submissions are automated but the rest are actual live visitors who hopefully will explore the site a little more.

In the next article, I discuss my success with running a FFA page once I have a few months experience under my belt.

Got any questions? Please visit the Entrepreneur's "For Home Business" Information Web site at http://www.4hb.com/. Celebrate your home-based and home-office small businesses and get resources for your continuing success

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You may publish this article on your web site or e-mail newsletter, as long the above resource box is included and an active link back to 4hb.com is provided. Please contact me for permission to use in print publications.

Copyright © 2000 Brad Trupp

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