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Customize Your Web Site's BookMark

To be successful online with a business, your web site has to be advertised and marketed well to receive the maximum amount of exposure and sales. There are many ways to draw traffic to your online business, and I'm going to show you a free way to do it. When someone bookmarks your web site, they see a default image that Microsoft set the browser with, next to the title of your web site. Instead of having this image, you can change it to your company logo. Currently, Internet Explore 5.0 is the only browser that supports this wonderful technique. According to Microsoft, there has been over one million people downloaded the Internet Explore 5.0 browser, so you should receive a very good percentage of your visitors using this browser.

This image can be a customized image you make and will show up in several places. Like in the Favorites section of the browser, in the address box and in other places. Not only will this let your web site's bookmark stand out from the rest, it helps you gain name and logo recognition, while increasing the chances of people clicking on your bookmark and returning to your web site.

You can also see when someone is using the browser and are bookmarking your web site by looking at your web site's error_log. In a few years, everyone will most likely know about this little trick, but you can make yours stand out from the rest until that time comes.

To get started making your own customized bookmark image, you only have to do a few steps.

Step One: You need to have a program that can create you an icon image. You can use the IconEdit Pro here: http://www.iconedit.com/for free! Download the free program or use your own.

Step Two: Open up the program and make your company image with the size of 16 X 16 pixels. The image must be 16 colors or it will not work. The above icon editor does this great.

Step Three: Once you have created your company image, you need to save the file as favicon.ico and upload it to your home directory on your server. The url to the file should be: http://www.yourname.com/favicon.ico

Now you are all set and if you have the Internet Explore 5.0 browser, you may view your icon image in your web site's bookmark. Visit: Favicon for images and explanations to where your icon images will be viewed in the browser.

About the Author

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