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The Search Engine War

Wouldn't it be nice to receive hundreds of hits in a week from the search engines for free? Is it the best targeted traffic you can get? Maybe or maybe not, but who can turn down free traffic. Not everyone can win at the search engine game, but you can give yourself the best odds by doing everything possible to rank yourself higher. There are numerous of ways to accomplish this. In detail explanation, the information below is every know way brought to my attention. Hopefully, after you finish reading this article, you can get your web site in the top 30 positions in all the major search engines.

Meta Tags

Before you get started with anything, you need to create some meta tags and place the coding into your web site. To learn how and what to do with meta tags, please visit http://searchenginewatch.com/webmasters/meta.html It is a great resource full of helpful information.

Keyword Writing

When you write your text for your homepage, try to place a variation of your keywords throughout the page. You want to place the keywords as many times as you can, but do it throughout the entire web page and make sure it sounds professional.

Link Popularity

I have recently read that many search engines are starting to rank the more popular web sites higher, due to popularity. If you owned a search engine, wouldn't you rank the popular ones higher? What they mean by that is how many sites are linked to you. There are a few ways you can get people to link to you. You can trade links with other web sites, but the numbers will not be very high. Or you can submit your web site to the pages people call Free For All Links (FFA). Two good resources you can use to get your site listed on hundreds or even thousands of pages, are http://www.linkomatic.com and http://www.ffaomatic.com The more pages that are linked to you, the better you are off! You can check your link popularity at this web site: http://www.websitegarage.com

Paid Ranking

Now, you can pay for your ranking on a few search engines to generate your traffic. If you don't want to fight the search engine war or you have some spare money, then you might want to check this out. The leading pay ranking search engine on the market today, is Goto.com They were the first people to start this type of service. Another one that is following their foot steps is http://www.kanoodle.com. This type of search engine can be a very effective way to market your web site due to the fact that you can get targeted visitors as cheap as one cent per click! The top positions are ranked accordingly to who wants to pay more.

Ranking Software

There is now software you can purchase that will help you keep up with your rankings with the major search engines. A very highly rated program that can help you succeed with the search engine war, is Web Position. This software has been highly rated with 5 stars from ZDNet. This software is probable the best and most effective one you can get today. You can get more information on this software here: http://www.webposition.com/

Domain Name

It has been know that many of the major search engines like Excite, rank web sites higher if they have the keywords in their domain name. What you might want to try doing is get a domain name, if you do not already have one, that has a keyword in it related to your business. Another idea could be to register another domain name that has a keyword or two in it, and point it to your original site. This could bring you extra free traffic from the search engines.

Search Engines

To get ranked, make sure you are listed with the major search engines below. It is a good idea to submit your web site once every few weeks to keep your listing fresh. I would recommend doing this manually, so you know that your site has been submitted properly and was accepted.


This should get you started with the search engines. Once you are listed, you might not even have to fight the war, and sometimes when you step back, it can just fall into place. Good Luck!

About the Author

Curtis Stevens is the owner of the Internet Marketing Success. A free weekly newsletter that is shipped directly to your e-mail box full of Internet marketing and promotion secrets. A little good advice never hurt anyone and everyone can use this valuable resource on a consistent basis. Visit here: Internet Marketing Success for more information or send a blank email to: Subscribe@imsnewsletter.com to subscribe.

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