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Niche Marketing: The Secret To Marketing Success On The Internet

by Kevin Bramlett

Niche Marketing is a powerful method of creating for yourself a lifelong income and career doing something you find very enjoyable. For instance, if you enjoy gardening, then Niche Marketing and the Internet can enable you to develop a 'cottage industry' or home-based business, as it's called these days, around gardening.

In this abridged article, we will be exploring the high-level points of the Niche Marketing Strategy. For the complete background information on this subject, mailto:Guide1@WorldWideGuide.com and the complete report will be emailed to you.

Let's start be examining the high level steps:

A.) Brainstorm a Specialty Skill Set : Find out what you are good at, or what you like doing. Notice the needs of your own that you are serving by being good at those skills. Other people will have SIMILAR NEEDS! Note that this exercise is focused on your abilities and activities; don't worry yet about trying to 'fit' your skills into a particular job.

B.) Research and Identify One or More Niche Market Sector(s): Carefully research and identify every possible demographic group that might be interested in your Specialty Skills. Packaging your Skills in different ways often will lead to new Niches in which to market successfully. This exercise is focused on the different customer groups that might be interested in some facet of your Specialty Skills. Think of NEEDS that people have, and how your skills can help meet those needs.

C.) Identify, Test Market, and Develop Products & Services: For every identifiable need that you can think of, identify a product or service (or better yet, more than one, across a range of price) that will meet that need. Test market them ONLINE to save wasted production costs, then fully develop the ones with solid response potential.

D.) Identify Relevant Marketing Fronts: Both Online and Off line marketing fronts exist, and require different strategies for successful and productive marketing.

E.) Develop and Implement a Marketing Action Plan on Each Front: A MAP is a plan of action for creating exposure for your Specialty Skills, your products, and your services. The greatest Specialty Skills in the world will go unrewarded without savvy marketing to draw customers.

F.) Measure, Adjust, Expand: Business today is a daily challenge to survive and prosper. You must continually measure your progress, adjust your strategies, and expand the scope of your business to stay ahead of your competitors. And if you are successful, you will have competitors! This is a sure sign that you are doing it right!

Niche Marketing is not a new concept. Companies and individuals have been successfully using this strategy for decades. What is new and exciting about the time and place in which we live is the emergence of the Internet as a global commercial vehicle.

Like no other time in history, opportunity exists for entrepreneurs, business people, and just plain regular folks, to conceive of, develop, and launch a global business from any place where there is a phone line and a computer. The sheer number of people that are migrating to online environments makes it possible to successfully Niche Market to an ever increasing universe of possible industries.

If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you can share in the incredible opportunities that are available on the Internet today. Remember to request the complete report from our autoresponder at Guide1@WorldWideGuide.com .

Article by Kevin Bramlett. Find out how you can get a FREE Internet Business Video by visiting http://www.WorldWideGuide.com.

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