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Wealth on your Website

Discover how you can begin earning money even before you have your own product or service developed!

Written by the staff of www.workplacemoxie.com

It doesn't matter if you're thinking about building your own website or if you already have your own website - Affiliate/associate programs are one of the BEST and EASIEST ways YOU can generate a GOOD stream of income QUICKLY!

When the staff of The Workplace Moxie Network first began researching the information we needed to create our own website, more than once we came across the advice that, even before completely building and promoting a new website, anyone could earn GOOD MONEY just by offering information and links to other people's products and services on their website.

This idea was certainly appealing to us, as no doubt it is to you ...

And in the months that followed, as we continued to build the theme of our website, research, test and discover which products and services would effectively serve our purposes - We also discovered that these same products and services offered us the opportunity to MAKE MONEY FROM THEM!

Now -

Not only are we earning a GREAT INCOME just by using these products/services - Because they've helped to build and now, maintain the successful Workplace Moxie Network you know and love today, but - We've also earned an even BETTER INCOME - Just by promoting them to others who need them!

If there has been any costs to these products/services - We've more than paid for them - WITH THE MONEY THEY'VE PAID US for promoting their products/services!

Who could ask for a better deal?!

(Well ... We could - And did! By starting our own affiliate program which is earning us an even better income! But that's another story for another time ... )

So what we're saying here folks is that YOU too can do the same thing!

There are probably THOUSANDS of merchants out there by now, who are looking for people JUST LIKE YOU and pay GOOD FEES to help them get the word out about products and/or services you might already be using or could/would use! (Like Workplace Moxie ... )

Anytime you're on a website that interests you and/or offers a product/service you believe is good - Look around their home page and you'll probably find they offer the opportunity to earn money by promoting them.

Take them up on it!

There's really NOTHING HARD about it -

The majority of affiliate programs are FREE to join and the owners of the program will provide banners and/or links and all the information you need to know about what their particular requirements, regulations and payments are and how to join up.

We would offer these suggestions though:

* Do read all of the information very carefully before "signing-up"

* Maybe do some research on reputable sites that review and rate affiliate programs. http://www.associateprograms.com is probably one of the best you'll find.

* You may be more comfortable joining a program through an Affiliate Network - Basically this is an organization that maintains a directory of affiliate programs, with all the pertinent info per program, and also it's their business to handle the tracking and payments for individual affiliates for the individual programs - Which many people find reassuring ...

* Purchase and use the product/service - That way YOU will KNOW it's good and you'll be able to recommend it with a clear conscience - YOUR CREDIBILITY counts for a great deal when it comes to how visitors to your site perceive you, the products/services you're promoting and towards creating a "ready-to-buy" frame of mind when they click through to your merchant(s).

And ...

* Don't think that all you need to do is put up a bunch of banners and/or links and your visitors are going to flock to your merchants - Put some effort into writing some VALUABLE and "convincing" CONTENT about each of the products/services to draw them in and send them through to the merchants with that all important "ready-to-buy" attitude!

And if you don't already receive the Workplace Moxie Affiliate Success Newsletter, you can find a great deal more useful information by reading the advice we offer to help our own affiliates increase their income and success by reading some of the most recent issues at: http://www.workplacemoxie.com/Newsletter.shtml

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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