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5 Unique Marketing Methods for the New Millennium

by Monique Harris

1) Pitch yourself to be a teleseminar guest.

In the past year, teleseminars - also referred to as 'tele- classes' - have become quite popular in the online world. And the best thing about them, is that they have a tremendous amount of marketing value, while fully entertaining listeners.

(For all you newbie's out there, a 'teleseminar' is basically a telephone conference. At a pre-determined time each person dials in to a 'bridge number,' and participates in a discussion on a certain topic. You can ask questions, offer comments, or just listen.)

One thing I've noticed is that many teleseminar leaders have special guests, during the session. The host will ask you questions pertaining to your business/industry/expertise, and you'll answer them. (Of course occassionally referring listeners to your Web site, e-zine, or whatever.) Sort of like a radio talk show, on the telephone.

This is a great way to promote your biz if you're just starting out, and want 'live' exposure in front of your target audience.

You can find a great list of teleseminar leaders at Teleclass. com http://www.teleclass.com.

2) Get newsletter/e-zine editors to review your product or service.

This particular technique works well if you're the creator of a product or service. (In other words, it's not good if you're a reseller or affiliate.)

Newsletter editors are often in need content/news for their publications. If you manufacture a product or service that can help their target audience in some way, shape or form, they may be willing to review it. That review would then be featured in their e-zine, giving you a ton of free publicity.

You can find lists of e-zine editors at The Directory of E-zines http://www.lifestylespub.com. When you locate the appropriate editors within your niche, you can either: (a) Send a brief e- mail to each person, describing your goods, and asking if they'd like to a review copy, or (b) Snail-mail a review copy to each editor, with a letter asking them to give their opinions.

3) Syndicate your words of wisdom.

As more and more portal sites begin to pop up, content galore will be needed to fill the ever increasing megabytes of space. So experts and writers will be needed to write articles a-plenty.

In many cases, you will be paid for your work, you'll probably receive a link to your Web site, and you'll get to wildly flaunt your expertise in front of your target audience.

I-Syndicate http://www.isyndicate.com is a popular service that offers content producers a chance to sell their words of wisdom. Also check out the Content Exchange for more interesting tid-bits on promoting your expertise, http://www.content-exchange.com.

4) Organize a huge list.

If you've been doing business online longer than 12-18 months, then at one time or another, you've probably been sucked in to visit one of those "10,000 Classified Ad Links" Web pages.

It's the large number that gets your click finger into motion! That's the traffic grabber.

And this technique can work successfully within any niche. For example, if you sell kids soccer equipment, you can have the world's largest soccer camp list, or the biggest kid soccer player directory. If you were a Java applet developer, you could have the biggest directory of free Java applets.

Guaranteed to generate a ton of reciprocal links and a constant flow of visitors.

5) Do one big thing.

Commit to doing at least one huge promotion in the upcoming year. It's a great way to pick up a significant number of new prospects/ customers. And it'll get your brain thinking in new and inspiring ways.

Your 'one big thing' can be an e-zine classified ad blitz, a large banner ad promotion, press release distribution, etc.

About the Author:

Monique Harris is the co-author of "Make Your Knowledge Sell." This 1,143 page manual is packed with info on creating, promoting and selling your booklets, e-books, audio tapes, newsletters, and other information products. For more info go to http://infoproduct.sitesell.com.

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