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Building a Marketing Website

For those who do not know, a marketing website is one geared toward getting your website promoted and visited by thousands of people. Its goal is to help the average web marketer succeed. There are many of these types of websites on the Internet, but few that I would recommend.

For a marketing website to succeed, it needs a few crucial elements:

Give your visitor a complete marketing system. At the minimum, give access to the following:

1. An autoresponder. This is a crucial marketing tool and any site that does not have, or offer access to one is losing money and clients right now.

2. Search Engine Submission. This is another key element to a site#s success. It should be noted however, that submitting your site to search engines every week is a waste of your time and hurts you in the end. Once a search engine knows about you, telling them again every week will get you banned and you lose all those potential visitors

3. Press Release Service. A well-crafted press release will boost your business more than any other type of free advertising. A good Internet marketing site will either offer links to press release services or offer the services on the site.

4. Other tools for promotion. Be creative on this one. Offer real tools to your visitors that will actually help them. There are so many tools out there, I won#t even attempt to list them all, but access to traffic building tools is key to your success.

These are the minimum you need. While you are constructing your site, be sure to include articles, tips, etc on how to promote a website. Make sure that these tips really work. Your site should be updated at least weekly. I have constructed scripts that will allow you to do this without any hassle.

Remember, the average web marketer (by average, I am referring to those without multi million dollar advertising budgets) is looking for an all in one solution. By giving them the tools that they need to succeed, you will be giving them a reason to come back to your site for next week#s tips and articles. You may end up building your traffic slowly, but eventually you will succeed.

What I have found with all of my sites is that the visitors that I do receive come back again and again, because I offer them access to all of the tools that they will need. My site is updated every single day, so if they don#t come back, they miss out on a tip or resource that will help them. I also try to concentrate on what works. I could recommend many services that would make me a lot of money (I can think of one right now that I make $20 per sale on, but it is a useless product# I don#t use it myself, so why would I recommend it to others?)

The key to building a marketing website is service. Offer your visitors tips and tools that will really help them. Don#t concentrate on selling any one product and you will succeed.

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Reprinted with the permission of fluffymoose.com

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