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I want to Work from Home. What Should I Do?

I want to Work from Home. What Should I Do?
by Jennifer Stewart

The number of people who are taking control of their own lives and setting up Home Based Businesses is growing rapidly - latest figures are that approximately 125,000 people every week take this major step.

Making the decision to go out on your own takes courage; deciding what you're going to do takes ingenuity and research. So what should you do?

My darling dad always used to say that the Ideal Product was one that everyone wanted; was consumable; could be sold for a reasonable price; was economical to produce and offered great value!

Sounds like a bit of a tall order, doesn't it? But look around at the products that have been mega-money-makers: the first that springs to mind is tobacco. It meets most of the criteria when you think about it - for a while there, everyone wanted cigarettes, they were consumable (and addictive - no doubt a bonus to the tobacco companies), they were cheap to buy and they could be produced very cheaply. The "value" has since been seriously questioned.

Coca Cola is similar - clever (and expensive) advertising campaigns have seen to it that everyone wants Coke; it's consumable, cheap enough for it to be bought regularly and cheap to produce (how much can artificially coloured and flavoured water cost?) Again, its value is questionable.

Are there any products that meet all of the criteria?


What is the hottest trend at the moment?

The Internet.

What does everyone want?

To be connected, and to be able to use the Internet.

Once initial development costs have been met, software programs, that enable beginners and experienced users to set up an Internet presence, are economical to produce (or reproduce) and can be sold for affordable prices. If payment is organised on an annual basis and is significantly lower than similar programs - then you're on a winner!

Do such products exist?

Yes, Virginia, they do - all you have to do is look for them in the right places.

So if you've had enough of life as an employee and you're planning to set up your own home based business, do the sensible thing and hitch your wagon to the fastest rising star today - the Internet.

About the Author

Jennifer Stewart has had her own Internet based home business since 1998 and can show you how to find a home based business to suit your needs and to bring you the income you desire: mailto:sky101@GetResponse.com?subject=HBB003

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