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3 Killer Sales Letter Closings

by Larry Dotson

1) Use A Urgent Deadline

You could end your ad copy with a deadline. Tell them it's a limited time offer and they need to order by a specific date. For example, you could say, "Order before Sept. 7, 2002, and you'll get the whole package for only $19.67!" Another example, "I don't know how long I can offer the free bonuses, so order now!"

2) Use A Strong Guarantee

You could end your ad copy with a strong guarantee. Give them a full lifetime or triple-your-money-back guarantee. It's also good if you write your guarantee so it sounds personal and includes specific information. For example, you could say, "I personally guarantee you'll be able to end writer's block 99.9% of the time or your money back."

3) Use A Persuasive Testimonial

You could end your ad copy with a testimonial. Use one or two of your customer's testimonials that are believable and include specific results. For example, "P.S. Read this testimonial: I was able to change my oil 7 minutes faster without all the mess! I would highly recommend this product to anyone! (their name) (their title or occupation)."

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