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You can Write the Great American Novel

by James Capobianco

In this article, I would like to share with you, my thoughts on *writing*. The ability to express yourself in words. To pass on to others the knowledge and experiences you have acquired just by living. I look forward to doing just that every month in my newsletter. Maybe I can get you to look inside yourself and find these experiences and to share *your* knowledge with others.
Here's how.

Look at what the Internet is giving us. Communicating at incredible speed for next to nothing. Purchasing products and services from the comfort of our home. Allowing us to research the world for information on any subject imaginable (both good and bad I'm afraid). It also allows ANYONE to fulfill the DREAM within all of us:


Or at least to give anyone the capability to create, publish and market an infoproduct for the world to read, appreciate and, hopefully buy, and make you rich.

Where will the subject matter come from? YOU..yes you! Your experiences, your knowledge, your very soul! With your own knowledge, some thought and research, I'm sure, no, I know there is a book in all of you.

No matter what kind of back ground, up-bringing, job history or life you've lived, unless you've been in a closet since birth (and even that might make a good story) you have all experienced something. Something you could share with others of similar interests.

There is something in particular we each enjoy doing and are good at. It may be your favorite hobbies such as fishing, cooking, woodworking, sewing, stamp collecting or watching television. Hmm? A good e-book might be "How I Learned to Use the Remote with Both Hands" by C. Potato. We all know something that someone else would like to know and, if properly presented, willing to pay for.

How about subjects from the real world such as job related experiences, problems you solved, a single Mom coping with life's challenges, caregiving for a loved one (with people living longer more and more people will face this challenge). Anything you've experienced that may help someone else, is subject matter.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. You can do it! But you have to be willing to devote yourself to the task. Like everything else in life, you have to make it happen.

After all, what is a book? Be it fact or fiction. It is a collection of words that has the ability to; explain how to do something, show us how to build something, entertain us, take us, by mental picture and photographic image, somewhere we've never been. Books have been around for centuries. Even with the Internet, books thrive and I'm sure always will. There is something about curling up with a good book.

However, the draw back to traditional paper books is the cost of production and distribution. Enter the Internet! Now ANYONE, with the help of their HOME computer, can write a BOOK (or electronic book, aka E-book). Almost half the homes today have computers and the number grows daily. Not only is the source for authors abundant; but so is the market for your e-book. The cost of promoting your work, though somewhat less, is still a real factor. But that too is easier on the Internet.

So what's holding you back from becoming the next, Hemingway, Steinbeck, T.S. Elliott, or T. Williams? OK! OK! I sometimes get a little carried away. But the point is:

  • if you live, you experience...
  • if you experience you gain knowledge (positive and negative)...
  • if you have knowledge, you have something to share...

So share your knowledge with the world (or at least those who would be interested) as you would share your knowledge with your family and friends, except do it via the Internet.

That's what I'm doing.

About the Author

James Capobianco has been self-employed for over 25 years, both on and offline. At his web site, Cap-Tech.com, and in his newsletter, The Cap-Tech Times, he shares his experience and expertise when it comes to owning your own business. Come pay a visit at http://www.cap-tech.com?ctt03

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