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Crafting a Perfect Press Release

A press release is a message to the media about a product or service. In order to be considered by the media, it must be considered newsworthy. Newspapers and television stations are not interested in giving you free advertising, but they are interested in stories for their readers and viewers.

I have clients that will bring me press releases that just try to sell a product and wonder why the newspapers will not run a story on them. The key here is creativity. Whatever you are doing, make your website or service newsworthy. The rest of this article will concentrate on that idea.

  1. Making the news.
    As mentioned before, the media is looking for news. They often want the strange and bizarre. I had a fantastic response with a promotion I did at our last state fair. Anyone who has ever been to the Minnesota State Fair knows that you can buy just about anything on a stick (in fact, Microsoft offered internet on a stick a few years ago and did very well with it). I decided, as a promotional ploy to offer a #chit on a stick# This was really a round fan on a Popsicle stick with the address of my website on the front and the words #chit on a stick# on the back. The local media heard of this and had a field day. I was interview by a couple radio stations that loved the idea. I got more visitors to my site than ever before!
  2. If you don#t have news, create it!
    Let#s say that you are a local ISP (Internet service provider) looking to drum up some new business. A suggestion? Work with your local library and sponsor a #get started on the internet day# where people can come and learn more about the internet, why it is useful, how it can help them, etc. Offer a chance at the end to sign up with your service. Let the media know that you are having this and you could get published in local calendars, news stories, whatever!
  3. Host an event
    People love events. They love carnivals and fairs and parades. Use that to your advantage. Work with a local non profit organization (such as the boy or girl scouts) and provide them with the facilities to have a carnival to raise funds for their organization. At the event, put up banners and signs promoting your business. The media will want to know about the event and will publish information about the event and the fact that your company sponsored it.
  4. Be smart about your product
    You probably think your product is the hottest thing since sliced bread. Make the media think it is as well and you have a guaranteed story on your hands. I have a client who made a product that reduces the glare from headlights at night. I crafted the press release to extol its virtues and the safety that it provided drivers at night. It was a media success.

Above all, be creative. Make your press release news and you will be published!

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