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How to Sponsor TONS of Heavy Hitters in Your Downline

By Tom Kulzer

Network Marketers are always saying that the key to success is sponsoring a heavy hitter in your downline. Finding a heavy hitter is a difficult thing to do. Sometimes we find them by accident, sometimes we purposefully find them, or sometimes they find us. Even if you do manage to find a heavy hitter they are usually already involved with another program so sponsoring them into yours is difficult.

What is a "Heavy Hitter" and why are they so wanted? The popular definition of a heavy hitter is a person that comes into network marketing and can grow their business into a huge organization with very large sales revenue. For obvious reasons they are desired because if they are in your downline you will make a lot of money from commissions on their organizations sales.

So how do I sponsor heavy hitters? It's not as simple as many people claim it is, but it's really not difficult. Before you begin your search you need to look closely at yourself.

Are you in network marketing to sign a bunch of distributors and expect them to automatically succeed? While signing more distributors is an acceptable goal, you shouldn't expect them to succeed without your help. Your role as sponsor plays a tremendous part in the success of any new distributor, whether they are heavy hitters or not.

Do you believe in the product(s) that you represent? You should. If you don't believe in the product how can someone else believe in the product? How can you honestly present someone else with something you don't believe in? Can you idly sit back and watch someone buy something you don't think is worth the money?

Do you think that by joining a network marketing company you will automatically make money? Trust me, if you don't work you won't succeed. By joining a network marketing company you are essentially starting a new business. It may not be as complex to run as Nike but you are starting a business. For any business to succeed someone must spend time to make it do so.

Now that I have that out of the way and you know what your responsibilities as sponsor are I'll tell you the best way to sponsor heavy hitters. You yourself have to act like a heavy hitter. You have to take the time to develop a plan to make your business successful. If you follow the plan, guide your downline, and create an environment that encourages them they will follow your lead and become a heavy hitter. Everyone is looking for a role model so if you become your downline's role model they will imitate your actions and become successful. This is the most important principle, imitation.

To sponsor heavy hitters you must be serious about your business and stand behind what you are promoting. If you don't, your distributors will notice and be unmotivated to sell for you. To motivate your distributors so they become heavy hitters you must create an image for them of what a heavy hitter is. You must become that image and portray it in a way that makes them want to become it.


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